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[AML+Magisk+TWRP][MOD][26/08][v8] Stereo Speaker Mod For Oneplus 6

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May 28, 2013
I have tried v8 on Hydrogen beta 2 based on pie. but im getting some speaker breaking out sound from earpiece. but on v6 it wrks fine,.


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Dec 12, 2010
I tried earpiece gain to -10 it does reduce the volume but it still crackles. Tried V8 and the outcome is the same. I was wondering if theres anyone here using this mod on stock OOS + cleanslate kernel and havent had this issue im facing. Probably my earpiece speaker is broken?

But its weird that if i dont use cleanslate kernel, the earpiece doesnt crackle.

I got same issue, so gonna try other version

Did you fix it?

EDIT: same with all version. Crackling only happens after the volume slider goes past the notch on the right (where the camera is), regardless if it's on minus gain or plus gain. Anything under the right side notch works fine regardless of the gain. Weird.

EDIT 2: Seems that crackling happens to my brother OP6 as well, when the volume slider is past the right side notch (front camera), it crackles, I tested this by putting the speaker to 0 and just listening to the earpiece, the gain doesn't matter it will crackle after going past the notch. Can someone else confirm this as well?

Me and my brother are using 5.1.11 Oxygen.
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Jan 26, 2010
O tried from TWRP and Magisk but still the same problem in games....crackling sound and distortion and sometimes i have only sound from the bottom speaker on Oxygen Open Beta 1 , 2 and 3 :(
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Faye Reagan

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Jan 17, 2012
Some of the mods can have a considerable amount of effect on the audio quality but things like Atmos are not going to resolve any audio "popping" or distortion. ViPER may be able to help mitigate the issue.

The purpose of this mod, however, is actually just to enable the earpeace speaker as a secondary speaker so instead of just the one mono speaker at the button - you have a kind of stereo effect (i.e. 2 audio sources.)

I'm sure others can guide better on which specific ViPER settings may help with the issue you're facing but it may be worth tinkering if you're passionate about resolving the issue. That having been said - unlocking the bootloader and rooting does lose you OTA functionality so it's something to keep in mind.

If i'm not misunderstand, this means i will have 2 mono speakers instead of 1 mono speaker on the bottom?

Hence if this is truly stereo, wouldn't it disable one of the speakers if i set only left or right audio source?

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    Stereo Speaker Mod

    I've been working on adapting the Stereo Mod to be easier to work with and have converted it to a Unity module (meaning it now supports both Magisk and standard recovery ZIP install.) I have also added full AML support meaning it will work seamlessly with or without other sound mods and with or without the AML module itself.

    If you plan to use the module with other sound mods - I recommend you flash AML (from Magisk - you will find it in the downloads section of the app) and this version of the mod. It will automatically be detected as an AML mod and should work with all other sound mods.

    Feel free to adapt my code as you see fit!


    Download: Releases
    Source Code: Repo

    Install Steps

    1. Download ZIP
    2. Install ZIP through either Magisk (will install as a module) or TWRP (will install as a system mod.)
    3. (optional) If you plan to use AML - please install (or reinstall) it at this point. If already installed - you will need to reinstall it twice - once to remove, again to reinstall.
    4. Reboot

    Uninstall Steps
    • Download ZIP
    • Flash ZIP through either Magisk or TWRP and this will trigger an uninstall.
    • Reboot


    If you have any problems with the mod - please tell me the following:

    - What's not working properly?
    - What ROM are you using?
    - What vendor version are you using? (if on OOS - this will be your actual OOS version)


    This is entirely based on the hard work of acervenky - all I've done here is improve on his already incredible work! You can find his original post here.
    It literally says EXACTLY what the differences are in the main post dude!

    - AML support
    - Unity support

    This basically means:

    - This can work flawlessly with other audio mods.
    - This can work with or without Magisk.

    Yay, I found out the problem thanks to your suggestion. I was using this "package" Magisk Module: V4A, Ainur Sauron, AML and Stereo Speaker Mod.
    After trying WETAmod (Audio), the Stereo Speaker Mod did not work, so I think the mistake must be on my side.
    I was following this order: Flash V4A -> Flash AML -> Reboot -> Flash Ainur Sauron -> Reboot -> Flash Stereo Speaker Mod -> Reboot ===> Stereo Speaker Mod wont work this way
    Turn out, the issue was the Ainur Sauron blocking Stereo Speaker Mod from AML.
    The correct order is: Flash V4A -> Reboot -> Flash Stereo -> Flash AML -> Reboot -> Flash Ainur Sauron -> Reboot ===> Now, I got bluetooth & Stereo Speaker Mod working

    Thanks for your kind support, Bigs1985 :D:D:D
    Yes flash weta dual speaker