An easy way to get Multitouch for Cypress

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Instructions(from Readme.txt)
1) Connect the phone (USB debugging mode must be enabled in the phone)
2) Turn on USB debugging mode: Settings - Apps - Development - USB Debugging
3) Run the Install.part.1.cmd from the place, where you have unpacked the archive
4) In the place where you have just unpacked the archive open the file: with notepad and add at the very beginning of the lines:

# Cypress dualtouch

insmod /system/lib/modules/ax8mt.ko

9) Click save button in notepad and run Install.part.2.cmd
10) Disconnect the cable from the phone and enjoy.
By ULumia (Alexey Popov)
Most of the thanks go to the creator of this thread
I just created a handy script


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