[Android 1.6+] External Keyboard Helper Pro


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Dec 29, 2019
The keyboard switcher functionality stopped working on my phone. I managed to work around by using the Keyboard Switcher app from Kunzisoft (opensource, ad-free). The EKH Pro app otherwise works fine (I need the dead-key support for an external US-International bluetooth keyboard).


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Feb 24, 2015
Reggio Emilia
EKH on AndroidTV

Hello! Is there a way to make this app work on Firestick TV?
I have bought an external bluetooth keyboard with an Italian layout. All settings are on Italian language, but the keyboard writes with an English layout. Can this app help me?
I have tried the same keyboard with my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) and it works correctly, with an Italian layout.
I hope @kallt_kaffe is still supporting the app (but he's not reading XDA since 2016/04/16!)
I bought an Rii Mini i28C Wireless (Italian layout) long time ago and used without big problems on various TV boxes not real AndroidTV. Now I'm using it on a real and certified AndroidTV with OS v8.0 device (TIM Box) and me too I cannot type in Italian but only in English. :(
It looks to me an AndroidTV limit because no matter what language I select, the stock GBoard keyboard showed on TV is always in English and even not QWERTY but a stupid ABCDE! :crying:
Even setting EKH as default ime isn't working (and so loosing the on-screen keyboard).

I have also found that the D-PAD on the keyboard isn't exactly working like the D-PAD on the original remote, is this another AndroidTV limit and I have to remap some keys?
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