Android 10 55.1.A.3.49 (new)

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Nov 8, 2014
Are there really improvements with low light camera or is it now similar to Xperia 5, which seems to have slightly better night time camera algorithms compared to Xperia 1?

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    New update: 55.0.A.10.26 only 76mb, no android 10
    Upgraded via a clean install with Sony companion repair function:
    - fingerprint sensor works better so far
    - camera app much faster opening/processing photos
    - better night Photos (need more testing)
    - Maybe a placebo effect, but i notice stronger vibration
    - Gestures navigation, dark theme
    - can't resize widgets to a smaller size than before in home screen
    - new WiFi default setting: by default each WiFi network Mac is set as "random MAC", can toggle between use device MAC or random
    - Removed face unlocking option
    Complete & utter nonsense, the Xperia 1 is "abandoned" because we got the August patch and that's it?... At least we're actually getting the security patches on time, if you've owned a Xperia device before you know how Sony do things, instead of rolling out half-assed fixes that don't hold up or become more buggy (Samsung) they take time to fully resolve the issues then roll out the updates

    Sony put so much emphasis on the camera's of the Xperia 1 to show they're listening to consumers, they made it clear to us that the Alpha team is working closely, although this is irrelevant to the topic, it's hard to see such ignorance and say nothing..

    I'll also like to add my signal is fine in the UK on EE :good:
    update from famous sony leaker

    Some improvements brought by the Sony Xperia 1 55.0.A.6.16 update:

    · Improved screen touch experience
    · 960fps Ultra-slow motion video focus performance improvement
    · Photo zoom drop frame improvement
    · Resolved the recognition rate of finger placement on the fingerprint recognition module for a long time The problem
    of falling ·Improved the working efficiency of fingerprint recognition sensor after fingerprint recognition test.

    You can check whether there is any change. In addition, the album circle still exists,
    I have no problem stabilization, you tried to change the codec? In h265 it seems more stable
    Stabilization at 4k30 needs a update, 1080 is fine
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