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Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

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Feb 28, 2019
i have a problem with update security patch;
when i start updating i got error "Coulndnt update installation problem" and "Installation will continue when device isnt being used."
please help me
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Nov 4, 2017
Does anyone notice that there is no weather icon beside the date when you are in home?

Check the location permission for Google app

First check permission as suggested above (especially location permission, but also check battery background restrictions). If all good there, clear cache and data of the app, and if still doesn't work you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it. In any case, it is most probably a problem with the Google app.

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    So I've installed it, here are some important points worth mentioning :
    1- no camera 2 api
    2- no ARCore
    3- The device personalisation services which is the app responsible for app suggestions in app menu and smart replies etc. is now visible via app menu and it shouldn't
    4- Google play music is now force installed, you could uninstall it in pie and Oreo
    5- remember how we complained about xiaomi not adopting to new Google material design guide lines by making dialog corners edgy ? Well it became seriously worse, everything is pointy and I don't like it
    6- Google Assistant gestures are not working
    7- all new features are working pretty well including new gestures and system wide dark mode and new theming options in developer options, tho unlike pixels system wide dark mode doesn't apply at boot screen
    8- I suspect there's again some noises coming from camera, better check that yourself
    9- there's an annoying banner in settings about some suggestions which you can't get rid of , possibly because of Device Personalisation Services app being faulty
    10- if you have 2 users set on your phone you can't see the user switcher until you turn it on and off in settings
    11- The security patch is still from December so expect another OTA in near days before next month which possibly includes bug fixes and January patch
    12- some quick step ( default launcher ) features aren't working, you wanna guess which ? You're damn right, the ones related to Device Personalisation Services.
    13- a lot of lagging, well there's nothing really there to say about it, is it? Expect some annoying lags.
    14- the trusted face option is removed from smart Lock so you can't unlock your device with face recognition at the moment.
    Most of the errors described here disappeared after I reset the settings. But one thing remains - suggestions for personalization in tinctures. And another question - guys, can you turn off vibration when using a fingerprint sensor?

    to remove personalization suggestions;

    Settings-> Apps and notifications-> See all app's -> Click on the 3 dot's -> Show system
    Search for "Settings Suggestion" -> Clear cache and data

    It worked on mine.
    Same issue here. So disappointed.

    Dude just make default
    Bluetooth AVRCP version
    Bluetooth audio codec
    And so on ... Just make everything default then turn off developper options your device reboot & it starts automatically connected to bluetooth device play song's
    this just disgusting that the close button disappeared, making that fuking notification pinned permanently
    I've tried a few things but all do not work well:
    • Clear data of the app com.android.settings.intelligence: the suggestion becomes adding email account
    • Add email account as suggested: the suggestion doesn't change (I've added a hotmail account)
    • freeze/disable com.android.settings.intelligence: the suggestion disappears together with the setting search box above it
    Need expert's solution for this
    Or wait for xiaomi's fix

    EDIT: i've found a workaround:
    open the pref file at
    and edit two values to true as below:
    <boolean name="com.google.android.gm/com.google.android.gm.setup.AccountSetupFinalGmailSuggestions_is_dismissed" value="[B]true[/B]" />
    <boolean name="com.android.settings/com.android.settings.notification.ZenSuggestionActivity_is_dismissed" value="[B]true[/B]" />
    attached is the modified file
    you will need root to access/modify the file
    Probably only one value is needed to be changed instead of two, but I'm lazy to try.
    I don't want to be a jerk here, but here my negative thinking on xiaomi:
    Mi A2 is android one program. Using vanilla android. Not MIUI.
    It means there is no ads in Mi A2. In this case MIUI is more profitable for them.
    So, they won't put much effort for android in Mi A2.
    This can be seen by how bad they solve the bug in Mi A2.
    Fixed bug A, bug B appear. Fixed bug B, bug A reappear with bug C, so on.
    I don't mind if the bug is somewhat minor or deep in the system (only can be replicated by paying more detail in usage).
    BUT, these bugs are so easy for average user to find. too shallow, such as:
    - adaptive brightness
    - email attachment bug
    - suggestion bug is setting (Customize you Mi A2)
    Anyone who is familiar with software engineering and software quality can see how bad the product (the software) is.

    So, don't get too much hope for 'perfect' android one in xiaomi.
    Please argue me if you have different thinking. I want to be wrong here (hopefully).