Android 10, MIUI 11 9.11.21

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Sep 30, 2011
Anyone tried Netflix resolution and social media video feed resolution as well as keyboard edges with Android 10 update?
Apperantly many people have been suffering from these bugs...
It would be nice heads up to rely on the Android 10 update to expect a problem-less device..

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    Redmi Note 8 Pro Android 10 update is here. Latest MIUI beta with November security patch. MIUI 11 9.11.21

    Device: Redmi Note 8 Pro
    Codename: begonia
    Channel: China Beta
    Version: 9.11.21
    Android: 10
    MD5: 3c5d88297ff780305b89666510d8b68e

    A*Insert it's here meme
    Unfortunately, there is no working twrp for 10
    Ah, please xiaomi, release fully working 10 source code/kernel.

    cant wait for global version ?
    They fixed the problem with Netflix so they can watch HD and FHD? It was supposed to be fixed in Android 10
    So what's your explanation, Xiaomi is only annoying it's non Chinese ROM customers?

    There's even an online petition to bring it back:

    Google the subject and you'll find many articles about this subject.
    It's the only logic explanation why Xiaomi stopped call recording on global ROM, except for Indonesian ROM, so it's probably something legal or Xiaomi was instructed by Google.

    Xiaomi has nothing to do with the removal of dialler and the messaging app. Since June 2019 the EU has forbidden call recording apps/diallers for privacy reasons so they are just obeying the law. It's annoying since we all got used to MIUI dialler but the only solution I know is unlocking bootloader and custom ROM/ . I don't even care about call recording, I just hate Google dialler and messaging app.
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