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Android 10, px6 HU

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New member
Oct 18, 2021
hi all,

my first post

I recently purchased px6 android 10 headunit for aliexrpess seller tpxinxin for my 04 lexus gx 470.

installed and for most part works fine with the following exception.
- i have very limited user setting (tried various attempts to access secret menu with no success)
-bluetooth keeps fogetting my pairing (per seller it using bluetooth advanced edition qualcom 5.0)
-does not recognize usb connected iphone.
-hvac physical buttons will control temp on the opposing side (ie the driver side control buttons will control temp on passenger side)

i contacted seller and they asked for the attached setting and told me their engineer cannot help with issues above so im hoping i can get some help here. Then they told me to do pinhole reset (i havent don that yet). Will the pinhole reset delete everythjng including firmware? Anything help will be much appreciated. Also i have very to no android experience except for what im reading on forums and youtube.

thank you!


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