Android 10 sytem packages for Galaxy Tab S7 T875


Senior Member
Apr 26, 2013
Hello, does anyone have already unpacked system packages (system apps) for Galaxy T875 , firmware version T875XXU1ATK4 XEO? I was playing with new tablet via ADB to get rid of crap and I want few things back.
Maybe someone know what package name has something what puts information banner in settings menu, first screen, saying there is a firmware update available? Still can't get rid of it, although I deleted all update packages.
As for first question, if someone does have those packages unpacked to single *.apk files on some cloud drive, I will appreciate.
Last question: if I have all installed apps configured to my preferences and now I get full firmware downloaded and will try to flash it via Odin will I loose all settings like after typical factory reset, or all will remain unchanged, just missing system files will be restored?