Android 10 upgrade - MD725 to RF210 BT module swap

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May 13, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Watch
I also have MTCE_XRC_V3.01. I'm trying to upgrade to MTCE_HA_V3.78. In step 2 I inserted the flash drive with dmcu.img and dmcu.cfg . I click update MCU, the system says that there will be a reboot for the update and after it turns off and I see a black screen with no signs of life. I waited about 10 minutes, then forcibly rebooted. MCU has not been updated. I tried to do the same by throwing only dmcu.img on the USB flash drive. The result is the same. Have you encountered such a problem?
No. I didn't have any problem when I changed the MCU
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Feb 1, 2012
Today i updated mcu from xrc 3.01 to ha 3.78.i have px5 android 8 HU, BW124 module is on the way to me. Had 2 problems wheel buttons and buttons on the HU stopped working.flashing of dmcu.cfg did not help.wheel buttons started working after changing in factory sttings canbus 3-4 times to different canbus type(i have toyota).HU buttons can be set in hardware key study. Now all ok,waiting for bt module delivery.
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Dec 6, 2022
Hi community,

I updated my head unit from A7 to A9. My bluetooth module works fine. The only problem is the inbuilt microphone and I have not an extern microphone.
Friends always tell me that they hear me from a distance and audio noise while using the inbuilt microphone of my head unit.
Do you think an upgrade of my bluetooth module MD725 to RF210 could fix this issue? Or is there a possibilty to hook up an external microphone / replace the inbuilt microphone to my mainboard?


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Feb 17, 2008
Guys! I've just soldered RF10 into my old PX5 (GS) and upgraded software from old android 6 into android 10 Hal9k (needed since there was no rf210 option in android 6)

Everything works excellent!!

- Wifi signal is much better now and finally i can connect and use a wifi in my garage (still on old md725)
- bluetooth is on rf210, there is no echo! At last! BT OBD adapter is connecting!!
- android 10 is so much faster and better optimized. Finally i can use google maps

After almost 5 years all issues with the device was solved.

Thank you guys. :)
You are the best! Im so happy!

Hello! I have a XRC mcu PX5 board with md725. I've managed to order the rf210 module and soldered it to the bord in j11 slot, and it doesn't seem to work, at least in android 9. I changed in car setting the bt to rf210, but I cannot find any device over Bluetooth on Android 9. Did not manage to upgrade to 10 yet, but I'm assuming it should work on 9.

It was soldered as in the example image. Was it the wrong way? I couldn't figure it out in the schematics.

Just finished installation of RF210 BT module by following the instructions of LiviuE ( thanks so much!)

I am attaching some photos of how installation looks, wires are:

+5V => red (pin 1)
TX => green (pin 26)
RX => blue (pin 27)

Bluetooth is working now !!!

Interesting. The first person was able to connect the RF210 board directly without extra wires, but the other case it was necessary to connect to the SOC pins in addition to everything else? Are these two different boards, they look similar. I'm already on A10, and I just got my RF210 in the mail, waiting on my soldering kit to arrive in a couple days. Sure hope I can get BT working again. I have a picture of my board from long ago, I didn't take a great picture though, but I think it matches those ones.


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Feb 17, 2008
Success! So, my RF210 was slightly different than the other one I saw soldered on here. It had one missing pin, RST, so I just ignored that put it on, switched BT to RF210, rebooted, and my phone connected in A10, YAY!

Here's some pics.

I'm not great at soldering, was worried it might not work and redid a few pins a bunch of times, but all good first try :D


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Nov 4, 2022
I removed my md725 and installed the rf210 board but the Bluetooth connection is very inconsistent. I'm always able to pair but over half the time I won't be able to connect? When I can connect it works amazing including Bluetooth tethering, calling, and music. Rebooting does not resolve the issue, I tried changing to not allow the unit to sleep and it now performs a full reboot after 30 seconds of shutting down my vehicle. Rebooting from recovery doesn't help nor does shutting down the vehicle and forcing a restart that way. Even changing the board selection in the factory settings then setting it back doesn't seem to help. Think it might be cold weather related but even if I do a full reboot after the vehicle is warm it doesn't fix it.

I have an XRC MCU that I changed to HA?...I think, I've done alot to this thing... to resolve the Bluetooth quality issues I was having. While using XRC I still had these issues and hoped the HA MCU would help. I have also performed the fix for wifi/Bluetooth cold weather issues using the tasker usb reboot procedure. I'm running the latest hal9k on android 10.

Update: I was able to get it working consistently by clearing the storage in the Bluetooth app. Would probably have worked if I had just cleared cache but I started with storage so lost my contacts but it seems to be working.
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Nov 4, 2022
I am using Android 10 version HA_px5_ota(220401).zip but have found several problems with it:

- Sometimes after switching off the car, radio is not working and need to restart
- Wifi is detecting many available networks but after selecting one and introducing password it never connects
- Phone works via Bluetooth but cannot get the Contacts

I would like to use a different A10 version that works fine in my radio, any suggestion?

-i had issues where the radio wouldn't work if I had it start on boot. If you're running hal9k check your settings.

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    Success! So, my RF210 was slightly different than the other one I saw soldered on here. It had one missing pin, RST, so I just ignored that put it on, switched BT to RF210, rebooted, and my phone connected in A10, YAY!

    Here's some pics.

    I'm not great at soldering, was worried it might not work and redid a few pins a bunch of times, but all good first try :D
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    Mod Translation
    hello if it can be useful this newly arrived dongle works perfectly with my wonderfoo px5 unit. among the options you have to select the wq6 module .wi fi much better performance and clear calls. optimal.

    ciao se può essere utile questo dongle appena arrivato funziona perfettamente con la mia unità wonderfoo px5. tra le opzioni devi selezionare il modulo wq6 .wi fi molto più performante e chiamate chiare. ottimale

    MCU is not android. Modded roms by Mal and hal are problems- save your money.

    Search yandisk for .IMG files such as HA. Use OTG to flash.img and then update to latest OTG

    Read my threads.
    I confirm that RF210 doesn't work with 11pin motherboard #67. It is recognized on android 9 and 10, but for both versions the phone calls didn't work as I couldn't hear anything neither the call receiver. I would like to thank @abdelmonem who solve this issue by changing the Bluetooth module.
    Yes, the header is correct, unless the header is for DTV like my unit.

    I have no clue how this would look like.

    what I would do is wire according to the schematic. Probably easier said than done, but doable.

    Well, I guess there is no schematic included in the ali offering. Neither for my unit. So I will likely have to follow some traces. Or just solder it and watch out for some magic smoke.

    However I believe the pinout is likely always the same on those units. Same as for those USB daughterboard modules (see my other link). However here at least the boards are usually labelling the pins.

    I actually ordered one of these modules and will have a look. Perhaps soldering it into my bench unit first (replacing the WQ_BC5 module). If no magic smoke escapes I can search for the correct module type in factory settings and then solder it to my car unit.

    Well, to be honest I am quite OK currently with HAL Android 9 on my car unit so I will see when I got time to try this.
    Hello everyone

    just now I finished test all bluetooth module available in Chinese market AliExpress or alibaba or other’s the best module is RF-210 test in 3 Different mcu working very good don’t try other modules you’ll loos your time
    just one thing for future I attached bin connector to motherboard after that attach the module I didn’t solder direct to main board

    all test with 10 or 9 bin in motherboard
    For 12 bin I didn’t trying because I don’t have it but still you can send me picture of your main board and BT module I’ll try to find out

    best regards