Android 11 Beta 2 Released

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Dec 22, 2010
The Bronx, NY
Google Pixel 6 Pro
did you have any issues after flashing? im pretty savy with flashing.. but got a weird response after flashing... keeps rebooting to bootloader and says something about not being able to boot cause of slot or something
How did u flash it? Because I have no issues I flashed factory without -w , patched boot and flash magisk patched.

Sounds like u have no os or because ur rooted?


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Jan 23, 2008
Anyone can confirm that sound quality/loudness from speakers is fixed on beta 3?

There was no issue on Beta 2, or 2.5 that I could tell. I'm curious if you have a bad flash or something. People commented the same on this thread for the other versions as well.

Could you give a specific example/link that we could play to compare? To me, the 'speakers' sound the same as the day I bought it, as I shuffle through various audio sources.
They did just happen to bring back app suggestions in recents in beta 3? I can't believe they would take away such a useful feature to replace it with screenshot and copy...

A different launcher could still include that, right? If yes, I think for the first time I'll be using a 3rd party launcher if one of those keeps it as an option.

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