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Android 11 has arrived

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Senior Member
Feb 16, 2011
Falls Church,VA
Moto G Power
I am in awe with my 2020 G power running on Android 11. Just felt like this was what my G power ultimately ment for. Compare with Android 10, which is just a prototype until the arrival of 11. Now that it's here, this device can really shine. Don't mind me, I'm just geeking out by the current hardware and software combo. Like peanutbutter and chocolate, it feels just right...
Day 1 running on Android 11:
A few things that are different than before, the custom system setting UI is now officially a part of the setting, but with more choices and better UI. The navigation gestures can now run on 3rd party launchers, it takes some getting use to, but once you get hang of the gestures, it's bye bye, the 3 buttons. Full screen display option for all the apps, no more blank space at the tail ends. Not sure where the battery draining rumor comes from, IMO, if anything, my device seems to be running smoother and more efficient than with Android 10. There are a few more things I'm still discovering, so I'll make my conclusion in a few days.
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Mar 28, 2021
I'm tempted to upgrade, but I think I'm gonna stay on 10 for a while. I've heard people say the battery drains faster on 11 and something about the notification bar is bugged, or something.


New member
May 25, 2021
Very stable update no issues so far.


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