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Android 11 on SM-G7810

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Jul 11, 2015

I have just received my phone, and, to my surprise, realised it was the Hong Kong version(it was bought in Europe, 8 GB version). Has anyone with this device received the Android 11 update? I got the December security patch when I first booted, but no Android 11 yet..
If you wanted the Euro variant I would contact the shop you bought it from, but the extra 2GB of storage is kinda cool. The twrp/rooting/xposed guide in the section suggestion you can do those things just as well on your G7810.

Regarding Android 11, have you tried using Samsung keis to see if it has an option for A11..?


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Sep 2, 2010
Look what I'm getting!


  • Screenshot_20210119-092739_Software update.jpg
    Screenshot_20210119-092739_Software update.jpg
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Oct 27, 2013
The sm-g7810 received one ui 3.1 with march sec patch today. For a Chinees variant it get his updates pretty regular compared to LG I've owned. For the money I've purchased it's a great value
Still waiting on it for SM-G781B (Singapore) - but it looks like this model trails HK updates by a few days, so expect it any day now. Really we can't complain about the current speed of Samsung OS updates...

*Edit*: Yup, just as I suspected, received the update today - maybe this serves as some comfort for all you 7810 owners that the HK updates are not the slowest after all? 🤣😉 In any event, they're still plenty fast for all of us in my opinion - certainly much faster than they used to be... 😊
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