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Android 11 Release - Finally!

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Senior Member
Jan 20, 2011
OnePlus 9 Pro
not sure why so many people are having issues, Android 11 is working perfectly for me. Came from latest 10 update with XXX and RICE, disabled those and took the update, kept Root and TWRP


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Sep 30, 2006
South Orange
OnePlus 7 Pro
I'm currently on Kang oS and always run decrypted. Can I flash OOS 11 through TWRP as long as I stay decrypted? Also, would I be able to flash majisk in TWRP while also flashing dm verity?
what you do is you can wipe and flash...but once you flash..no more twrp and u have to use ADB from pc to flash the rooted boot.img as per instructions. I used twrp to flash the official ota coming from another rom and followed the instructions no issue.
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Oct 23, 2012
I'm Rooted OnePlus 7 pro oos 10
I updated to oos 11 and get stuck in OnePlus screen.
How can I make it work without losing data?

Sorry for my language


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Jan 22, 2011
new Jersey
OnePlus 6T
Apple iPhone 12
A11 OxygenOS just released.


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Feb 11, 2015
Hartford CT
OnePlus 7 Pro
Can you tell me the instructions how to do this? I'm on A11 but it's way too buggy. How do I downgrade now that I don't have TWRP anymore?
Are you on A11 stable? I was and got back to 10 by installing the 9 downgrade, then applied the 10 update. Someone might have a better way, but this was pretty easy. Just copy the 9 downgrade file to the phone and use the local update under system updates.

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    Global version is on Oxygen Updater now.
    Nothing for EU yet.

    Official Global Link : https://otafsg1.h2os.com/patch/amaz...1.P.35_OTA_0350_all_2103221240_0ebe9c8a78.zip
    Android File Host Mirror : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=2188818919693770547 (MD5 : 3ec7940e9e50032b540ceaf2a3364f85 )

    Pack with rooted boot image and instructions for Global : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=2188818919693770594 ( MD5 : b24c7463ef9a78ab0ae7ae708dc46c37 )

    I've extracted all the image files but AFH is still being a pile of crap, FTP uploads won't work and web uploads keep stopping or not completing, uploaded mirror to Dropbox for now, will try to get it uploaded to AFH asap.

    Pack with all extracted images for Global version : (TEMP Dropbox Link) https://www.dropbox.com/s/nwfo6433wdkkkk3/Default-OxygenOS11-Final-Images_Global.zip?dl=0
    From OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 4
    to OxygenOS 11
    without losing your data.

    1.) Download and install OxygenOS 11
    2.) Download keep_data.apk
    You need to install it after the update was installed but before you restart.

    After the apk is installed, run the application, click "KEEP DATA".

    You should now be able to restart the phone without losing your data

    All your applications
    and data remain intact
    For those coming from open beta 4 with patched boot IMG, how should we update to this release keeping data and trying to keep root(if possible)?
    - Download and install the OTA. When it's done, DON'T REBOOT YET.
    - Open Magisk Manager, click the Install button in the Magisk section, select "Install to Inactive Slot (After OTA)", and click the "Let's Go" button. When it's done, DON'T REBOOT YET.
    - Install keep_data.apk from APKMirror or the links on XDA. Run the KeepData app and click the "Keep Data" button. A success toast should appear. When it does, go ahead and REBOOT.
    - Your phone will not factory reset during boot, and will be rooted as before. Enjoy.
    OxygenOS (EU) OnePlus 7 Pro
    ( GM21BA)

    • System
      • Improved the system fluency
      • Fixed the occasional issue that Google Fi SIM card cannot accept incoming calls
      • Updated Android security patch to 2021.05
    • Shelf
      • Improved the swiping experience of Shelf
    • Gallery
      • Improved the loading speed of previewing pictures
    • Phone
      • Fixed the occasional issue that incoming call interface delays to display
      • Fixed the occasionally abnormal display issue when making a call
    • Camera
      • Fixed the occasional issue that the mirror effect fails to work
      • Fixed the abnormal issue with the camera when zooming in macro mode
      • Fixed the abnormal issue with some buttons when taking pictures continuously in Nightscape mode
    • Network
      • Improved 4G network communication
      • Improved the stability of Wi-Fi connection

    OxygenOS (EU)
    2.4 GB
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