Android 11 Released (Sept 8 2020)

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Sam Nakamura

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Is it possible to get back to regular Android 10 by switching the partition slot (from a to b in my case)?

I sideloaded the OTA and due to the 'seamless update' feature switching slots should theoretically work to revert back to Android 10 without factory reset, practically I don't actually know...

 fastboot --set-active=b

Anyone tried it?

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Jan 26, 2013
To sideload OTA u do not need to have bootloader unlocked,but Verizon have issues,maybe u should wait ...

I don't think he knows what sideload is so you're right it's best that he waits. But I'm on Verizon and my Pixel 2xl locked bootloader works flawlessly I have several phones and my pixel 2xl is still under warranty so for me the risk was minimal. I'm not sure if anyone has tried to downgrade their Verizon version but for me it'll just stay on the devoloper preview.


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Jul 25, 2011
Try pulling sim card. Format data. Then try unlocking bootloader. I unlocked mine and rooted it by sideloading twrp , then flashing majisk before I inserted sim. YMMV


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Jan 15, 2013
Working fine - few quirks

Thank you for posting the OTA! I tried flashing via fastboot, and it would NOT install what so ever. Re-flashed android 10, used OTA for Android 11/R, and booted just fine. Run into a few small bugs (5ghz wifi will not connect, GPS icon sometimes stays on even with location disabled, battery optimization won't show all apps ) and found Facebook Messenger will not give video call option (can use camera in app to send a picture chat, but no option to video call). Overall, using it as a daily driver.


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Jan 15, 2013
Just wanted to post an update for anyone looking to use this as a daily driver. Completely do-able, 5ghz wifi is hit or miss - I find it depends on the channel the wifi itself is running at. Facebook Messenger now for me doesn't work at all, uninstalled and started using Facebook Messenger lite - works fine and you can do video calls. Battery life is pretty comparable to Android 10 despite battery optimization being buggy at the moment.
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