Android 12, Android Auto, & V4A

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Nov 7, 2011
Currently on Android 11 with Android Auto v 7.0.614134 and V4A v When connected via bluetooth music is processed via V4A and sounds fantastic. When connected with Android Auto via USB, music does not get processed via V4A even though there is a USB setting in V4A. Music also does not get processed via the Speaker tab, which it defaults to when plugged in with Android Auto. I have researched this extensively and found it's a limitation for whatever reason. Also odd that I can't find any recent topics on it. The newest discussions are from 2019 to mid 2020.

I have tried disabling USB audio routing in Developer Settings to no avail. My solution is to use the EQ settings on Rocket Player to compensate, and it helps...but it's not the same as V4A.

However, I read somewhere that Android 12 "fixed" this issue. Or perhaps I misunderstood what I read. Any any case, can anyone on Android 12 using V4A and Android Auto confirm if audio is processed with V4A while connected to AA? FWIW, I have a PIxel 4a 5G and have been putting off the upgrade to 12 (hate setting up phones) but if A12 will "fix" this issue I will bite the bullet.