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Android 12 Beta

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Jul 29, 2009
October update is out
Downloading from A12 beta5...


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    So far it seems like the biggest issues I've been having are fixed. Now I see notification icons on the AOD, no more UI crashes or lockups. However, the notification popups on the AOD are still hit or miss. Overall, much better. Still room to improve though.
    Did you guys clean flash the beta or did you install the OTA from the dev page?
    I have tons of bugs on mine, having downloaded the OTA from the dev channel.
    3.1 has not resolved any of them. I am wondering whether to wipe and do a clean install. The strange thing is that Beta 1&2 worked great for me...
    I clean flashed beta 3 twice, still having some issues... 3.1 *mostly* fixed the UI crashes. I still don't get notification popups, nor notification icons on the AOD. It still gets stuck in recents sometimes. Just this morning it did that then locked up the UI for a bit. I'm glad I'm not the only one with issues! Google really needs to fix this stuff.
    FYI, to anyone having the Android auto issue where it turns off the AOD and acts like the app is open (shows it is in the notification panel), I got on the AA beta, and the beta install fixed this.

    After the second wipe, my battery life is all over the place. Some days it's really good, back to normal, others its just bad. I really hope they push 3.1 this week, and that it has a ton of fixes.
    They pushed 3.1 today.
    I'm keen to install but does anybody know if Barclays and Natwest apps work with 12 Beta?
    Replying to my own question: yes, they work.
    I'm using this Magisk module. It passes safety net and Google pay works.