How To Guide Android 12 - CherishOS GSI for N200 5G Install Guide

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Jan 26, 2013

I got this rom installed and everything seems to be working okay, I do get random lag spikes at times but the feature I am missing currently is screen cast/mirroring. It shows up but it never detects any devices but did on stock. Any ideas?
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Apr 20, 2022
@biff_train Worked like a charm, thanks for the reference to the thread. I saw that thread before but was too intimidated to try it. After you recommended it I gave it a shot and I'm back to stock! Thanks for your replies on this! :)
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Sep 29, 2019
I would do all this, but I like using NFC for payments. I got my phone bootloader unlocked but GPay wouldn't work. So I went back to locked bootloader. I did yesterday see a site that said it could play around settings and get GPay to work but I am not in the mood to try the unlocking of bootloader again, plus the Android 12 update should be any day from OnePlus for unlocked USA phones. Even if I did unlock bootloader and rooted phone, this would be my second time doing the root, and I still not willing to trust this method on a new phone especially this phone was almost $250 brand new and the first device I did was a lg cheapo from Tracfone. The fact that I would potentially brick phone bugs me. Yes, I am a poor bastard.

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