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Android 12 DP1 anyone?

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    I've got a nice long 3 day weekend, starting now. So I'm going to give this a go and run it through its paces to test 5G, Wifi speeds, Bluetooth connectivity with watch/headphones/car, smart home control, notifications, various apps I frequently use etc.

    Will report back soon.
    Initial thoughts...

    No issues discovered, yet.
    - Wifi speeds are on par with the February Android 11 build (see screenshot)
    - T-Mobile 5G speeds (Boulder, CO) are also on par with what I was previously seeing (see screenshot)
    - No issues sending/receiving texts/phone calls/Emails/Slack messages
    - Bluetooth connection and functionality with my Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active2 are solid
    - Google Smart Home device controls are working (HUE lights, Nest cameras, Google Home Hubs, Nest thermostat etc.)
    - Camera quality for photos & videos don't appear degraded
    - No noticeable stuttering or hiccups (yet)

    Still need to test:
    - Android Auto
    - Battery life
    - Longer term snappiness/smoothness (this tends to degrade over 1-3 days on previous developer previews I've tested)

    Side notes:
    - I was able to enable the developer flag for the new One-Handed Settings UI but I'm still trying to track down the flag to enable the new larger brightness slider layout.
    - Possibly a placebo but notifications tones are much louder/crisper than they were on Android 11 (even at the same volume slider setting). This was a persistent annoyance I had with Android 11 that I attributed to the new speaker setup of the Pixel 5 vs my previous Pixel 4.
    I got root working on A12 dp1.1. (yay)
    Userdata will be wiped so take a backup.

    - Install dp1.1 using the Android Flash Tool (flash.android.com) and check "disable verity" and "disable verification" before confirming
    - Patch the boot.img from the factory image using the latest magisk canary app.
    - just flash the patched boot.img (fastboot flash boot magisk_patched_*****.img)
    - reboot. If it fails to boot and asks you to format confirm.

    Universal safetynet fix doesnt work unfortunately. To fix run
    adb shell
    magisk --remove-modules
    while booting.
    flashed and running for me.. 5G working on Verion. I updated (no clean wipe).

    Battery may be a tad worse but that's because I'm used to being rooted and optimized.

    Havent come across any hard crashes and reboots. I'm making an install video.. then later one on features, sharing experience (after using it for a while as my daily)

    2.2 out today. With the April patch. I wonder if the GPU improvement is included with the April patch on Android 12?
    SPP3.210325.010 out today.
    Google Play store security April 1st amongst other things.