ANDROID 12L ROM ❯ 02 May 2022 ❯ ProtonAOSP 12.3.1

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Oct 1, 2007
@Dollscythe - Can I re-lock the bootloader after installing the ROM? Will it make any difference in terms of security?

:LOL: my signature reminded me how long its been since I have play around in XDA. But this is fun stuff and always wanted to flash a custom rom since Google stop supporting the Pixel 2 XL. Thanks for you hard work!! (y)
If you don't want it, don't dl app as I suggested!
As I said before, it's not in the Google Wallpaper app. I own 3 Pixel devices so I'm pretty sure it's not in there.

I actually contacted the developer of the ROM and he was nice enough to point me in the right direction. If you guys are interested in downloading it here it is:


@Alxoom33 Here's the wallpaper you're probably thinking about from the Google Wallpaper app:

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Nov 13, 2007
I tried to flash this ROM, but after the process of flashing my phone rebooted but now is stucked on the ROM logo. Tried to flash it.again but now my PC does not recognize the phone. Any help please


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Jun 9, 2019
Google Pixel 2 XL
First of all, great work! I've been off rooting/custom ROMs for a few years now, Proton looks cool, got me back here🙈
Any updates on the Magisk fix for GAPPS version? Looking forward to it!
P.S. - Thanks for the hard work! :)

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    Thread updated. Enjoy.

    Changelog - 02 May 2022:
    • April Security Patch
    • Fixed CTS
    • Added Face Unlock
    • Encryption enabled
    • Magisk no longer causes bootloop

    Builds by: @EnesSastim
    I'm afraid the guide needs to be even more detailed for me as I have been out of the scene for a while. I don't have TWRP recovery installed already. I don't need the magisk part since I don't want root. Also, is repartitioning no longer needed? And what do you mean by slot? Sim slots? Pixel only has 1 e-sim and 1 physical sim.
    You need your PC setup for ADB and fastboot. Get the android SDK tools. Search maowdroid on YouTube he's got great tutorials.

    No need to repartition. TWRP isn't installed. Instead you download the .IMG file and use a windows command window to fastboot itbon your pixel. Slots refers to slots a and b.

    Our phone has these two slots you'll notice when you flash in TWRP. When you flash a rom you flash to the opposite slot you are currently running on (running on A flashing to B), when you reboot to bootloader after rom flash and fastboot your pixel back into TWRP you are now running on "B" slot. This is when you would flash gapps(if rom doesn't include), magisk etc, now on "B" slot flashing magisk/gapps to "A" slot.
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    Android 12 ROM for Pixel 2 XL - Maintained by @EnesSastim

    @Lunarixus on XDA (using his device tree, mentorship, and fixes. Wonderful work) & on Telegram Posts
    @RealOkabe on XDA for his build process, we only reached bootable state thanks to his work.
    @ReallySnow on XDA & on Telegram Posts for his work on Android 12 vendor. I consider him my teacher, and most of the Android 12 heavy lifting was done by him.
    None of this would've happened without them.

    ProtonAOSP is a minimal Android fork (custom ROM) focused on UI/UX and performance, with a touch of privacy.
    Screenshots are attached.

    What's not working:
    • Download from here: Source Forge
    • This does not include OTAs, so you will have to visit regularly for security updates and the like.
    • This ROM is currently distributed as OTA zips. Flash it the same way you would, in a custom recovery. Don't forget to wipe all data using "fastboot -w" or using my tool before booting the ROM.



    Magisk issue fixed. Builds coming soon.
    02 May 2022:
    -New maintainer: @EnesSastim
    -All issues are fixed
    -Fixed CTS
    -Encryption enabled
    -Magisk no longer causes bootloop

    13 Nov 2021:
    -Fixed battery drain
    -Added setup wizard for Gapps build
    -Added modded Gcam *HOT!!* for Gapps build
    -Added more Google Apps, removed 99% of AOSP crapware for Gapps build
    -Fixed play services contacts sync for Gapps build
    -Added new and refreshed ProtonAOSP boot animation
    -Magisk not supported on Gapped build, will bootloop

    11 Nov 2021:
    -Fixed fingerprint.
    -Enabled Active Edge.
    -Fixed wifi functionality.
    -Now both gapps and vanilla builds will fit on a stock system partition.

    10 Nov 2021:
    -Fixed gatekeeper.
    -Somehow broke wifi.
    -Added vanilla build (this will flash without requiring a repartition).

    09 Nov 2021:
    -Initial build (gapps only, doesnt fit in system partition). Much functionality is broken.

    Feel free to give me your hard-earned money, my pixel 2XL's screen is dead, so developing this ROM is a tedious and annoying process:
    Edit: thanks to the people that have donated. For the sake of transparency, I'm gonna publicise the donations i've received. a pixel 2xl where i live costs 200 dollars. I'm gonna be putting a counter here.

    Edit 2: pls don't donate to me anymore.

    $200/200 (100% progress)
    I updated the thread with a new build that should be fully functional. Enjoy!