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Nov 17, 2012
Rotterdam area
Such a shame there was no update after the first beta

Source below is XDA. I thought the only beta Xiaomi released for Mi Pad 5 was Beta 2?


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May 12, 2022
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    Just managed to install the A13 Beta2 global rom.. so far its working fine for me aside from the brightness.... its a bit dim even its maxed out... the gpu driver version is still at .502.. successfully rooted with the latest magisk... need to manually set the 120hz in adb but so far I think its great...
    Can you outline the steps you took and your starting point? TIA
    Its pretty much a straightforward process after unlocking the bootloader..

    download this one on your PC
    Global A13 Beta2

    Edit: Also dont forget to backup files since this will wipe all your data

    1.Extract the downloaded file using 7zip/Winrar until you get a folder
    2.Connect your phone in fastboot mode
    3.Open the extracted folder and click the flash_all.bat
    4.Wait for it to finish

    For rooting
    1.Download the latest magisk apk
    2.From the fastboot rom folder, grab the boot.img and transfer it to your phone with the apk you have just downloaded
    3.Install the magisk on your phone and patch the boot.img
    4.Transfer the patched boot.img to your pc and flash through fastboot
    5.Reboot and install any modules you want
    I just flashed the developer preview.
    As I expected already the Smart Pen can connect but is otherwise not working.
    The display configuration is off, but manually changing the dpi value in the developer settings fixes that.
    Netflix works with playing back video that looks like more than just 576p (pal).

    Otherwise due to the early of development of course there are more smaller and bigger issues with the release but it is quite nice to see a relatively well working clean stock Android build on the tablet. If it weren't for the missing smart pen support I might be running it as a daily driver.
    13 Beta is being updated to newer versions
    Hope so but currently nothing new is available, only beta 2 until now which was released somewhere in May
    If you want to install it you have to unlock the bootloader but xiaomi dont unlock this before 1 week from the request...