Question Android 13 update made a mess of my Pixel 6A, need to backup, reset and restore

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Oct 28, 2013
Don't know what happened, but the A13 update basically borked my phone. Dialer, messages, fingerprint reader, screen handling, notifications, Android Auto, etc ALL no longer work correctly. I never know how exactly the phone will behave on any given interaction. Its a mess. It was working perfectly fine on A12

So, I have to do some kind of a reset. I NEED my messages and call logs to be correct on restore (use it for lots of business stuff), everything else, whatever is backed up will be ok.

I tried doing a migration from the A13 6A to a factory reset Moto Edge 21 with A12 on it, and the A13 Pixel refuses to cooperate. Android migration usually works pretty well, but in this case, the 6A A13 refused to see the Moto A12, and gave me some super weird Android File Manager error message. I planned on using the Moto Edge as a data mule, reset the 6A, then migrate everything back.

So, I need to do a backup, reset and restore and am dubious of Google One actually working. Open to suggestions or actual experiences of how to do this with minimal disruption. Most of the internet "guides" on resetting are useless, and don't address how not to lose and/or destroy your data (text/messages, call logs, etc, incl MMS)

The only thing I can think of is using Wondershare Mobiletrans for backup and restore and cross my fingers that it'll actually work.


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Mar 23, 2019
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I use swift as well...but u have to have a backup app already in place BEFORE getting There's limited options for going back to 12. As mentioned in the big PSA warning thread at the top...if u try to do a common rollback, google's ARB (anti-rollback) if triggered, WILL HARD=BRICK your phone! Then u have to send it back to google for a factory reset meaning ofc loss of all data. So plz use caution and no matter how u chose to proceed...Swift Backup is a gem! A one-time purchase ano NO monthly fees! Best regards...


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Nov 4, 2014
Try updating again, I got two Android 13 updates on mine, the first one broke the fingerprint reader, then I hit update again, and it downloaded another update that subsequently fixed it.