Android 4.0 ICS came to Galaxy S2[Update - Europe & Asia got the update ]

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    This is my last Android phone from 3d parties.
    Already advertised mine Galaxy S2 for sale. Gonna swap to Galaxy Nexus. Fed up of Samsung post sale support in terms of service and updates. Waste of money and time. From now only Google phones.
    You can't even normally edit captured video like in Google Movie Studio and project over 30 minutes. Piece of crap.

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    Ok I normally don't reply to these types of posts but I feel compelled with this one. When you bought your Galaxy S2 it had Touchwiz on it, you knew this and regardless of whatever AOSP/CM9/Miui build that you're running/could run you realised that Touchwiz is stock and is simply part of buying a Samsung smartphone. Assuming you know anything about Android, which is a pretty fair conclusion seeing as you're on XDA then it would be clear to you that manufacturers skins and porting/updating the OS in general takes time, especially compared to Google Experience/Nexus devices. Therefore a period of wait was to be expected. The ICS source dropped in November, despite the 2.3 to 4.0 jump arguably being the biggest change in UI, features, framework and code Samsung have dedicated themselves to a Q1 release.

    Considering the stark differences in Touchwiz and vanilla 4.0 Android I found this to be an understandable and realistic ETA. Now, unless I've hit my head recently I'm pretty sure we've another 30 days left in March. Hell I wouldn't even mind waiting till the end of April if it resulted in a bug free polished release. Regardless, you clearly know that ICS is to be delivered by the end of Q1 and yet throw a tantrum because it's not here yet. Guess what, Samsung sold 20 million SGS2s and chances are, a good number of those don't know an update is forthcoming nor will they particularly care. Samsung want to guarantee a smooth update that won't alienate any current users and certain testing is obviously required.

    As for swapping to the GNexus I personally couldn't be happier as you'll probably spout the exact same nonsense once the new Nexus device releases, demanding 5.0 now because of being 'Fed up of Samsung post sale support in terms of service and updates' regardless of the fact that Samsung have been relatively transparent and are yet to pass their deadline. Nexus devices will always get the newest updates first, legitimately at least. Anyone who knew anything about the Android ecosystem knows this and anyone with a shred of intellect would give manufacturers the time required to properly update their devices. Now, put your toys back in the pram and wise up.
    Finally samsung reveled :D

    "We know you have been waiting and we're thrilled today to announce that we'll start serving Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to GALAXY Note and GALAXY S II in the first quarter of 2012.

    In addition, other ICS-upgradable GALAXY devices include GALAXY S II LTE, GALAXY R, GALAXY Tab 10.1, GALAXY Tab 8.9, GALAXY Tab 7.7 and GALAXY Tab 7.0 Plus.

    Separate announcements on details of the OS update will be made soon, so stay with us on our Facebook & Twitter communities for more updates!"


    Europe and Asia got the much anticipated ICS update .

    Has there been an official message on samsungs' twitter announcing a delay? no??? what about facebook??? or maybe something like gsmarena? no? maybe cause there is no f***in delay perhaps?

    The only announcement samsung officially ever made about ics was that it will arrive by the end of march that's another 20 days to go..

    if you want to complain do so when the months has gone and there is no ics released.

    I want it as much as everyone else but please till you actually have a reason to complain STFU!
    i have jelly beans in my hand.. u mad?

    Get your hands out of your pants..... that's disgusting......
    I keep coming back to this thread in the hope there is some real news on ICS and all that I find is this argumentive feeding frenzy!