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Alexei Volokhin

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Oct 21, 2020
About every year I get a TV box for testing. The one I got last year is this one: 'Android 9.0 TV Box A95X F2 4GB 64GB Amlogic S905X3'. It comes pre-rooted and it works with the app. It's a little less than 40 Euros. The previous year I got a 'Mecool M8S PRO Amlogic S912 3GB 32GB' it's slightly outdated but that's the one I am still using now.
I have been using AppRadio Unchained Reloaded with sph-da120 for over 5 years. I used MK903V (RK3288), Mini M8S II (S905X), X92 (S912). Everything works fine on all versions of Android. Thank you for the development.
Recently I bought a new TV-box H96 Max 4/64 (RK3318) with stock Android 9. AppRadio Unchained Reloaded does not display the settings menu (top right corner- wrench and three points). Installed Android 10, installed root, the situation has not changed: wrench and three points doesn't displayed. Please tell me what parameters affect the display of settings in AppRadio Unchained Reloaded.

Alexei Volokhin

New member
Oct 21, 2020
Found the solution myself. Perhaps it will be useful to someone. Apps -> See all apps -> ARUnchained Reloaded -> Ui Mode -> CAR.
All settings are displayed.


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Aug 30, 2013
Found the solution myself. Perhaps it will be useful to someone. Apps -> See all apps -> ARUnchained Reloaded -> Ui Mode -> CAR.
All settings are displayed.
The menu not showing is caused by the Android TV UI. Not sure if those Chinese boxes are exactly Android TV but at least the GUI is Android TV like.
In the beta version (0.39) there's also a workaround implemented to get to the menu if it's not showing and that's to do a long press on the background of the app. You can get the beta version by applying for it in the Play store.

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    In addition to the well known AppRadio Unchained mod of the Pioneer AppRadio app, a completely Pioneer-less app was developed.
    It's called AppRadio Unchained Reloaded and its available from the Play store here: AppRadio Unchained Reloaded

    If you don't want to root your phone and have Android 7 or higher there's AppRadio Unchained Rootless

    Video of AppRadio Unchained Reloaded in use by Alexei Andreyev: Pioneer AVH-X8600BT & LG G3 with ARUnchained
    Another video by Alecion420: STI GR 2012 with ARUnchained+Note 3+pioneer 8000nex+Rockford Fosgate+Boyo backup Cam+SMY keyless
    Video by Rubn: Appradio 3 - ARUR

    AppRadio Unchained Reloaded allows full mirroring of your phone from your AppRadio. This means that any app can be controlled from the head unit screen and not just a few that are specially adapted.

    For this app to work ROOT is required. Do not ignore this requirement and blame the app for not working!
    V0.17 and up work with SELinux in enforcing mode.

    The 'Smartphone setup' on the head unit needs to be set correctly for Android as by default it's configured for Iphone. Go to Settings->System->Input/Output Settings->SmartphoneSetup and set Device to 'Others' and Connection to 'HDMI'. See this video: Smarthphone setup

    Any other AppRadio related app needs to be uninstalled as this blocks the connection to AppRadio Unchained Reloaded.

    AppRadio mode requires that your device is connected to the HDMI input of the head unit. Depending on the device this can be done with a MHL / Slimport / Miracast / Chromecast adapter.

    Because this app may not work for your setup there's an extended trial period of 48 hours. In order to claim this simply request a refund within 48 hours after purchase by emailing the order number to the support email address.

    Two versions
    When your device has Android 4.3 or higher you will get version 0.31 which has support for automatic connection to wireless casting devices.
    The user's manual is available here: Version 0.31 user's manual
    Please read it as it contains all details about setting up a wireless screencasting connection.

    When your device has Android version lower than 4.3 you will get version 0.29 without support for wireless casting devices
    The user's manual is here: AppRadio Unchained Reloaded User's manual

    Supported head units: any AppRadio that supports Android AppMode via HDMI.
    For example: SPH-DA100, SPH-DA110, SPH-DA210, SPH-DA120, AVH-X8500BHS, AVH-4000NEX, AVH-4100NEX, AVH-4200NEX, AVIC-X850BT, AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-6100NEX, AVIC-6200NEX, AVIC-7000NEX, AVIC-7100NEX, AVIC-7200NEX, AVIC-8000NEX, AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-8200NEX

    Units that have AppRadio mode via USB (a.k.a. AppRadio One) are not supported.

    Beta test version
    The beta test version has the latest features but can also contain bugs.
    You need to become a tester of the AppRadio Unchained Reloaded app to be able to get it.
    Please apply here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/mars.area51.arunchained

    The following features are supported:
    - Multitouch
    - AppRadio buttons
    - Steering wheel controls
    - GPS data transfer via mock locations (only works with head units that have a GPS receiver AND do not have built-in navigation)
    - Auto enables mock locations on connection (if app is converted to a system app)
    - Wake lock
    - Rotation locker (to put any app in landscape mode)
    - Real calibration
    - Start at boot (for use with Android sticks)
    - Start on HDMI detection (for use with phones and HDMI adapters)
    - Notifications to indicate connection state
    - Widget for returning to head unit home screen
    - Diagnostics
    - Automatic Bluetooth toggle for improved connection
    - Assign system app rights without the need to move files

    For Reloaded to be able to switch Mock locations automatically, it needs to have system app rights. These can be assigned as following:
    In the menu select the entry 'System app enable'. Once the rights are assigned the entry will change to 'System app disable'. When executed the system app rights will be revoked. When 'System app enable' is activated, the diagnostics will show 'Can switch mock locations' ticked. However it will not show 'Installed as system app' as technically it's not installed as a system app but nonetheless it has system app rights and the Mock locations can be switched.

    When the app is still installed as a system app (by moving the files) the menu entry is disabled as it makes no sense. In order to enable the functionality remove the files that were moved to make it a system app first and then install the latest version.

    AppRadio is a registered trademark of Pioneer.
    Disclaimer: You are solely responsible for using this app in such a way that it does not impair your ability to drive.
    Alpha version with screencasting support available

    The first version with support for screencasting is made available for alpha testing. This first version was only tested with my Nexus 6. It has Miracast and Chromecast support. To join alpha testing you need to have a Google+ account and then you can apply here: https://plus.google.com/communities/108835433120083901102

    - Go to the app's settings
    - For 'Connection trigger method' select 'Bluetooth-Screencasting'
    - Scroll down to 'Screencast Settings'
    - At 'Head unit bluetooth address' select the Bt connection to your head unit
    - At 'Casting start delay' enter 20
    - At 'Casting method' select 'Miracast'
    - At 'Casting device name' enter the name of the Miracast device to connect to
    - Go to the Phone's 'Settings->Accessibility' and enable 'ARUnchained Reloaded'

    - Go to the app's settings
    - For 'Connection trigger method' select 'Bluetooth-Screencasting'
    - Scroll down to 'Screencast Settings'
    - At 'Head unit bluetooth address' select the Bt connection to your head unit
    - At 'Casting method' select 'Chromecast'
    - At 'Casting device name' enter the name of the Chromecast device to connect to
    - Go to the Phone's 'Settings->Accessibility' and enable 'ARUnchained Reloaded'

    Control of the screencasting and phone's hotspot (in case of Chromecast) is done via the Settings app GUI. All necessary items are recognised by text from the GUI. In case your phone's language is English most texts to be recognised are predefined and you only need to set the name of the device to cast to. If you use another language you probably need to change the texts in the settings.
    Cast integration progress

    Finally have time available to work on cast integration. Currently I have casting to a Belkin Miracast device working reliably on my Nexus 6. From start to a fully working connection takes about 1:40 minutes. This includes booting time of the head unit and the booting time of the Belkin Miracast which actually takes the most time. Still have to debug the code for connection to a Chromecast and clean it up a bit. I expect to have an alpha version available within a week.
    Yeah Cant Wait! Keep in mind also here to help and test!
    As soon as there is a version for testing available I will announce it here. I am trying to work on it as much as possible. I made the prototype more stable and also have implemented keyevent injection so now the buttons work as well. My best guess is that ETA for the test version is less than 2 weeks.
    Rootless version progress

    Good news, I have a prototype of the rootless version working on a non-rooted Samsung S4. There's still quite some work to do to tidy up things and make it really stable as currently it's really unstable but the most difficult part is done now. Even multi-touch is working already.