Android 4.2.2 (sense5) update for HOX

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Apr 30, 2011
yea everything works as it should and ui smoothness etc is even better... i will try later gaming to see how RR3 etc are...some games are even with stock now perfect :) yea and trip uses his own custom wifi drivers so therefore something in htc stock wifi driver is bad...i think if they don't fix it with next update i will contact them to tell them something with their wifi drivers are not right...or tell an elevate member that he should tell them

Sounds like a plan mate :p
I've written to them today to make them aware of the problem.. don't know if it would help, but thought that if enough people did it, the would start taking notice ;)

Great, I'll flash it in a couple of minutes to test battery.. really looking forward to getting proper WiFi again :D


Jun 28, 2013
can someone please tell me how I can edit the quick settings squares... plz I feel like an idiot I've been searching for days


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Ok guys... I'm in touch the head of MENA region for HTC. He had confirmed the update between 26/08 - 31/08 depending on cid for middle east and African region. I'm bound by confidentiality reasons that I'm not supposed quote the person.

Nevertheless from past experiences Europe should get updated at least 5 days before middle east region... So we should be looking at the update anytime starting 19th Aug... Come what may, Pls don't hold a gun to my head if there are any delays.

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Hey, did anyone realise that my prediction was right on the money and even more accurate than llabtoofer's!!! Wow, @mods, please elevate me to "Recognized Forecaster" :D:D:D:D

Enjoying Maximus21HD...4.2.2 has breathed a new life into my phone
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Feb 17, 2010
There is nothing wrong with battery ,jeez have some common sense ,you just flashed a new operating system ,give it time to adjust, comeback next week and complain about battery...


Aug 24, 2007
As far as I see the power consumption has increased significantly. I know it takes some time to sort things out, but the drain is increasing when the display is on ...

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Dec 28, 2012
I am seeing higher power consumption too, battery has gone down 10% in 2 hours, with the screen off wifi off and no use! But it is early days, give it time. Someone will fix it :victory:


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Jun 2, 2009
I am seeing higher power consumption too, battery has gone down 10% in 2 hours, with the screen off wifi off and no use! But it is early days, give it time. Someone will fix it :victory:

Not good news to ppl who has yet to get the update. Hopefully this is not serious to cause delay to the update. Last update cycle is really bad with fixes come soon after the initial release

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Aug 21, 2013
HOX update

I am from Romania and I have bought a HOX online recently and the device has Cid_622 from Honk Kong ( if I'm not mistaken), my problem is that a lot of people from my country have recieved the update 4.2 and sense 5 for their HOX and I haven't. So my question is: Am I going to receve the update if my phone is from Hong Kong and my carier is orange ro?
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