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FlashFire is the most advanced on-device firmware flasher available for rooted Android devices. It can flash full firmware packages from various manufacturers, as well as apply over-the-air (OTA) and ZIP updates - all while maintaining root, and without using a custom recovery. It also offers full device backup and restore functionalities in several formats. Relevant files can be stored on internal storage, SD cards, USB connected storage, or can even be streamed directly to and from your computer using USB or Wi-Fi.

FlashFire is the spiritual successor to the Mobile ODIN app, which was a similar solution (using completely different methods under the hood) exclusively for Samsung devices on older Android versions.

FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, it should be used with caution. Data loss, soft-bricks, and even hard-bricks are possible if used incorrectly. Unless you are an expert user, consult FlashFire's website and this thread before doing anything potentially destructive.

If the FlashFire user interface crashes, please attach the logs of the crash to your post. The SysLog app can help.

If you are experiencing an issue while FlashFire is flashing, please post FlashFire's log file to pastebin, and include the link in your post. The log file can be found at /sdcard/FlashFire/lastlog on your device.

FlashFire's website/manual can be found at http://flashfire.chainfire.eu/.

Note: currently all functionality is unlocked without purchasing Pro. This may change in the future!


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Please re-report any issues that persist after a new version comes out, even if you already reported them for the previous build. Either include the details again or link to your previous post.

2017.09.21 - v0.73 - RELEASE NOTES
- A/B OTA: Support for yet another streaming variant
- Magisk support: Fix some black screen issues
- Magisk support: Much improved OTA flashing compatibility (excluding A/B devices)
- SuperSU: Updated embedded SuperSU version to v2.82-SR4
- Backup: Exclude paths from backup with /sdcard/FlashFire/userdata_excludes and ./internal_storage_excludes
- Restore: Fix issue where FBE keys sometimes weren't restored
- Wipe: Add option to not wipe files from internal storage that aren't backed up
- ZIP: Open ZIPs from file managers and (Chrome) downloads directly, or share to FlashFire (file must resolvable to reside on /data)
- Adjusted timebomb for non-Pro users to 2018-04-01

2017.09.13 - v0.72 - RELEASE NOTES
- OTA: Fix new style OTA-download-complete marker detection
- A/B OTA: Add suppport for 'streaming' style OTAs
- A/B OTA: Enable pre-mount by default (required for incremental A/B OTAs now)
- Wipe: Fix dalvik-cache wipe greedily removing some files it shouldn't

2017.09.12 - v0.71 - RELEASE NOTES
- A/B OTA: Fix update_engine_flashfire crash in logs
- A/B OTA: Always make update_engine_sideload available
- A/B OTA: Fix fstab availability for new style OTAs
- A/B OTA: Don't automatically delete OTAs after successful install if located on internal storage or sdcard
- A/B OTA: Detect target slot rather than blindly switching to the other one
- FlashUI: More Android Oreo compatibility fixes

2017.09.11 - v0.70 - RELEASE NOTES
- FlashUI: Android Oreo support

2017.08.15 - v0.60 - RELEASE NOTES
- OTA: Implement O-style OTA handling (non-streaming)
- UI: Fix not being able to deselect backup partitions
- UI: Fix partitions listed multiple times in backups sometimes
- FBE: Fix wiping encryption files during restore, triggering factory reset

2017.08.13 - v0.58 - RELEASE NOTES
- Fix (abort) parsing of loki boot images
- Prioritize ZIP/GZIP/BZIP2 detection over other formats
- Fix compatibility with SuperSU in SBIN mode
- OTA: Fix /cache not being available sometimes
- OTA: Fix handling issue with August A/B OTA
- OTA: Show warning on 'OTA found' dialog if not using systemless SuperSU
- Backup/Restore: skip lockscreen security files
- Embedded SuperSU updated to v2.82 SR3
- Adjust timebomb for non-Pro users to January 01, 2018

2017.04.03 - v0.57 - RELEASE NOTES
- Add support for multi-stage OTAs
- Fix possible NPE during OTA uncrypt
- Fix logic failure during OTA uncrypt
- Fix unsupported root detection
- Fix root detection sometimes failing
- Prefer system-supplied reboot binary to our own
- Adjust timebomb for non-Pro users to September 01, 2017
NOTE: Sometimes OTA still reboots to recovery with an error, just reboot manually

2017.01.27 - v0.55 - RELEASE NOTES
- (C) 2017
- Improved 32/64 bit handling (fixes some blackscreens)
- Improved handling of devices that have a /vendor partition
- Add initial support for devices with multiple slots
- Add support for uncrypted OTA ZIPs
- Add support for A/B OTA ZIPs
- Add support for file-based encryption backup/restore (primary user only)
- Add additional Pixel partitions
- Add support for Magisk+SuperSU (preliminary)
- Add support for Magisk+phh (topjohnwu version only) (preliminary)
- Add circular icon (Android 7.1)
- Restrict app usage to primary user
- Make treating system/vendor/oem as original a setting (auto-detection is not completely reliable)
- File selection activity now remembers last location
- Fix drawer closing on back button press on tablets like Pixel C
- Fix overlay display visibility on [email protected]
- Detect and handle screen scaling on [email protected]
- Fix archive scanner freeze when reading password protected ZIPs inside another archive
- Fix seeking issue with custom recovery detector
- Fix archive scanner inconsistency with multiple files targeting the same partition
- Fix archive scanner scanning inside images
- Fix archive creator display inconsistency
- Fix unconditional block update ZIP detection
- Fix busybox/untar not setting SELinux file context on files that already existed
- Hide cache wiping options if no cache partition present
- Restart and re-check for root if root not found initially
- Refactor boot image analysis
- Preserve recovery: option hidden from devices without a dedicated recovery partition
- Replace update_engine service on A/B update devices
- Add intent to flash a specific ZIP file
- Workaround adb restore 'never-finish' issue by using adb push (temporary?)
- Embedded SuperSU updated to v2.79 SR3
- Adjust timebomb for non-Pro users to May 01, 2017

2016.09.19 - v0.53 - RELEASE NOTES
- Embedded SuperSU updated to v2.78 SR1
- Adjust timebomb for non-Pro users to February 01, 2017

2016.07.18 - v0.52 - RELEASE NOTES
- Add option to delay reboot after flash
- Fix mixing of 32/64-bit commands on NP4/64-bit
- Fix re-mounting of lazily unmounted system partition
- Fix partition detection on some Motorolas
- Fix cache wipe breaking subsequent OTA on some devices
- Detect 'full' OTA ZIP, and do not warn about modified /system in that case
- Move 'preserve recovery' option from OTA/ZIP action to Reboot action
- ZIPs: Add 'getprop' command emulation if /system not mounted
- Fastboot: don't use 'fill' chunks
- Credits listing updated
- Embedded SuperSU updated to v2.76
- Getprop harvesting

2016.07.07 - v0.51
- New TriangleAway binary that can read SGS6/7 status
- PIT support
- Wipe: Only remove .supersu if wiping systemless SuperSU
- Wipe: Fix wiping systemless SuperSU from /data
- OTA: Add additional Samsung paths

2016.06.01 - v0.50 - RELEASE NOTES
- Fix compatibility with N Preview 3 (in used libraries)
- Added 'Restore from ADB' option to 'No backups found' dialog
- NP3: Work around ART crash
- NPx: Work around 'adb restore' bug by using 'adb push' instead
- 4.2: Fix StatFs crash
- ADB: Authorize all connections
- ADB: Fix restoring not doing anything on some devices
- Force 'clear cache' option to show UI
- Include filesize in cache validation
- (Temporarily?) Switched back to single-threaded lz4 implementation due to the multi-threaded version occasionally segfaulting
- Add choice for visiting either FlashFire's website or the XDA thread when tapping the top card

2016.05.11 - v0.33 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- Add support for backing up to and restoring from ADB, through USB or Wi-Fi (special ZIP format)
- Completely reworked progress code, more info is shown in more places now (current file, speed, progress)
- Improved back key handling
- Improved app startup performance
- If sdcard is adopted, reflect that in location display name
- Fix adopted SD card sometimes not showing up in mixed partition mode
- Attempt to identify external sdcard (rather than calling it USB)
- Adjust storage location display order
- Add warning when using adopted storage
- Rewrote file creation routines to cope better with adopted storages
- Fix reboot card popup title
- Refactor shell commands as root
- Change install location to internal-only
- Fix backup of internal storage not skipping backups in some cases
- Adjust ZIP parser so it can cope with Samsung FOTA ZIPs
- Added warning for Huawei users about brickability
- Add OEM partition to TWRP emergency restore
- Fix backup/restore per-file progress freezing
- Archives: Add suppport for Huawei's UPDATE.APP format
- OTA: Add detection for Samsung
- OTA: Add detection for Huawei
- OTA: Add detection for HTC
- OTA: Add detection for Letv
- OTA: Add multi-zip-file capability
- Partitions: Add various Tegra-specific partitions
- Partitions: Add various Mtk64-specific partitions
- Partitions: Add various Huawei-specific partitions
- Partitions: Add various Pixel-C-specific partitions
- Partitions: Add generic Factory Reset Protection partition
- Partitions: Add support for eMMC boot and general purpose partitions
- Partitions: Attempt r/w unlock before writing
- EverRoot: Updated embedded SuperSU to v2.72 BETA
- EverRoot: Use LESSLOGGING mode, reduces SuperSU output

2016.04.20 - v0.32 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- Exclude multirom folder from internal storage backup as well
- Ability to create fastboot flashable backups (read the release notes!)
- Use proper ioctls for partition and block size detection
- Added option to backup recovery before installing ZIP/OTA and restoring it afterwards (automatically enabled when a custom recovery is detected)
- Added a watchdog to detect SurfaceFlinger crashes, fixes some black screen issues
- Prevent repeating OTA flash suggestion on rotate
- Added credits listing

2016.04.05 - v0.31 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- Exclude usbStorage folder from internal storage backup as well
- Switched to multi-threaded lz4 implementation (much faster backup/restore)
- Replace gzip with pigz in flash mode
- Set umask to 0 in flash mode
- Use tmpfs for /tmp
- Fix several other issues preventing flash mode from starting (reboots)
- Fix bug in TWRP restore listing (warning: old backups may not restore in TWRP !)
- Fix files present in firmware packages not being shown if the partition cannot be found
- Fix sdcard daemon running multiple times and eating CPU for no reason
- AROMA: prevent reboot call
- AROMA: only do framebuffer emulation if AROMA is actually detected, to prevent running into https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=178583

2016.03.31 - v0.30 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- Exclude TitaniumBackup folder from internal storage backup as well
- Add location (internal storage, sd card, USB drive, ...) to backup listing
- Improve compatibility with StickMount-based USB mounts
- Fix a number of issues that could cause reboot while switching to flash mode
- Fix display brightness on some devices
- Framebuffer emulation for AROMA Installer (pretends to be a debugger, hijacks graphics calls)
- Fix bug where cache partition could lose data
- Complete refactor of flash mode code
- Improve Samsung CSC handling
- Fix bug where internal storage mounting could fail if external (sdcard/usb) storage present
- Update embedded SuperSU to v2.71

2016.03.22 - v0.29 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- Fix some compatibility issues with N Preview
- Fix app_process causing a reboot during startup
- Fix bug which could cause flashing /system to freeze
- Improve partition detection size accuracy
- Reduce app startup time
- Reduce time taken to switch to flash mode
- Add option to format /cache (wipe action)
- Improve external sdcard compatibility
- Improve adopted storage compatibility
- Improve USB drive compatibility
- Add additional OTA paths for NVidia
- Improve partition platform detection
- Add support for backing up internal storage (excludes FlashFire, TWRP and CWM backups)
- Fix error when opening bootloader image not wrapped in an archive
- Add setting to enable flashing primary and secondary bootloaders (automatically disabled)
- EverRoot: "Enable ADB" no longer enabled by default

2016.03.14 - v0.28 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- N preview compatibility (requires SuperSU v2.70)
- Properly copy selinux contexts
- Updated embedded SuperSU version to v2.70

2016.02.03 - v0.27 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- Copy additional partitions from fstab
- Added NVidia OTA locations
- Mark NVidia devices as somewhat supported
- Partitions: Added various partitions
- Fixed internal storage on Samsung 6.0.1
- Fixed sdcard on NVidia Shield Tablet
- Files named twrp-* or openrecovery-* are now recognized as recoveries
- Added warning about OTAs often requiring an unmodified system
- Attempt to detect block-level OTAs and modified systems, and warn when the flash is likely to fail
- Added some more logging in case of failure/reboot

2016.02.01 - v0.26 - BETA - RELEASE NOTES
- (C) 2016
- Archives: TAR: Fix MD5 warning if no MD5 signature found
- Archives: Added option to ignore MD5 mismatch
- Archives: Added support for Huawei Bootloader packed image format
- Archives: Added support for MSM89xx Bootloader packed image format
- Archives: Added support for Motorola Bootloader packed image format
- Updated embedded SuperSU version to v2.67-3
- Root must be SuperSU or (CM SU + Permissive)
- EverRoot: Enable on boot image modification, if currently systemless
- Firmware: Display partitions in the correct order
- UpdateZIP/OTA: Support progress bars
- UpdateZIP/OTA: Fix several issues with flashing Omni/CM
- OTA: Work-around apply_patch freeze
- OTA: Detect downloaded OTA and suggest flashing
- Partitions: Added various partitions
- M: Fix clear cache not working fully
- M: Update partition detection
- M: Toybox compatibility
- M: Fixed native graphics library
- M: Fixed sdcard mounting
- M: Relocate systemless SuperSU during setup
- M: Do not remove boot image backups or su image on wipe
- M: UpdateZIP/OTA: offer to restore boot and recovery image before flash
- L: UpdateZIP/OTA: mount /system, /vendor and /oem as r/o if unmodified
- L: Backups: Use RAW mode for unmodified /system, /vendor and /oem partitions
- Backups: Use RAW mode for partitions where the filesystem cannot be detected

2015.09.10 - v0.24 - BETA
- Fixed about a dozen FC's caused by Google's new and "improved" compatibility library

2015.09.09 - v0.23 - BETA
- Motorola: sparsechunk format support
- Motorola: MD5 listing/verification support
- Motorola: firmware package support
- Samsung: Fixed brightness slider disappearing from notification shade

2015.06.17 - v0.21 - BETA
- Fixed MD5 issue (showed up when creating a .tar.md5 package)
- Possible fix for mid-operation reboot

2015.06.02 - v0.20 - BETA
- Fix FC on 64-bit
- Disclaimer shown only once (and each update, data wipe)
- Possible fix for backlight issue

2015.06.02 - v0.19 - BETA
- MD5 routines now 30x faster (improves backup, restore, verification)
- Changed faulty warnings
- Updated BETA expiration (sep 1)

2015.05.02 - v0.18 - BETA
- Fix archive creation (for protected partitions) that broke on v0.17
- Split backup files into 1GB chunks

2015.04.30 - v0.17 - BETA
- Updated partition resolution (Motorola)
- Sparsechunk support (Motorola) - DO NOT USE YET
- Motorola ZIP package support (no MD5 checks)
- Fixed LZ4 restore issue
- Fix crash on navigating to '..'
- Updated preview timeout

2015.04.29 - v0.16 - BETA
- Added various partitions
- Experimental CM SU compatibility - not thoroughly tested
- Out of space errors now logged during backup instead of just freezing
- Added corrupt ZIP detection, in turn fixes several crashes caused by attempting to read corrupt ZIPs
- Added LZ4 compression. Now configurable between None, GZIP, and LZ4.
- Made threads used for GZIP configurable
- Added kernel wakelock
- Cache ZIP scans, speeds up file selection
- Fixed several issues on 64-bit devices
- SuperSU updated to v2.49 BETA

2015.04.13 - v0.15 - BETA
- Improved logging
- Improved startup procedure
- Fixed an issue where backup of some files were represented as an error
- Fixed a number of compatibility issues with latest Exynos (SGS6)
- Fixed USB drive support on stock Motorola
- Lowered default compression level and threads to reduce backup time and CPU usage (not yet user configurable)

2015.04.09 - v0.14 - BETA
- Fixed some black screen issues

2015.04.08 - v0.13 - BETA
- Fixed issue with log not being saved to internal storage
- Fixed issue with slow internal storage detection
- Fixed issue with error detection delaying reboot
- Fixed misaligned wordwrap
- AROMA compatibility (only if framebuffer device available)
- External storage and USB storage support

2015-04-08 - v0.12 - BETA
- Auto backup renaming improved
- TWRP restore ZIP added to backups
- Force grow ramdisk

2015-04-07 - v0.11 - BETA
- Initial release
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Note 4. 910T 4.4.4. Tested backup was successful. Going to do more tests when I don't need to wait on a call.

Mobile Odin Pro user here and happy to see this great app almost ready.


sent from tapatalk on my GN4 N910T 4.4.4 rooted


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Aug 6, 2013
I loved mobile odin made things very simple back in the day....as far as my s2 days....so glad you made root possible up to this point....its 2015 and still rooted


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Oct 23, 2013
Huntsville, AL
MOP user, this sounds great! Interesting thing to note, however, is that MOP still works fine on my note 3 N900T running lollipop. :)

Either way, looking forward to the update! Thanks a ton for all you've done for us!
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Aug 5, 2009
I bought the PRO version via app. Thank you for your work!

I have Samsung Galaxy S5 DualSIM (G900FD) with rooted 4.4.2. When I go to the directory where is firmware file to update my phone (for ex. in one file G900FDXXU1BOC1_G900FDOXE1BOC1_SER.zip) application always turns off with error message.

Any ideas? Forgive me if is not a topic to asking questions like this one.


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Aug 3, 2011
I bought the PRO version via app. Thank you for your work!

I have Samsung Galaxy S5 DualSIM (G900FD) with rooted 4.4.2. When I go to the directory where is firmware file to update my phone (for ex. in one file G900FDXXU1BOC1_G900FDOXE1BOC1_SER.zip) application always turns off with error message.

Any ideas? Forgive me if is not a topic to asking questions like this one.
Perhaps you have to put a .tar , not a .zip

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Can not download
Edit : done


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I bought the PRO version via app. Thank you for your work!

I have Samsung Galaxy S5 DualSIM (G900FD) with rooted 4.4.2. When I go to the directory where is firmware file to update my phone (for ex. in one file G900FDXXU1BOC1_G900FDOXE1BOC1_SER.zip) application always turns off with error message.

Any ideas? Forgive me if is not a topic to asking questions like this one.
What is the error message?

Link to the ZIP?
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Feb 7, 2013
Successfully installed in SM-G900K KT(Korea Telecom) Korean version S5. Thanks Chainfire, greatwork. Even though I had MOP, I went ahead and purchased the pro version of Flashfire. At workright now, but I look forward to testing and checking it out a little bit later. I will also post results and comment. Thanks again.

**Update** It seems all 4 back up methods make it to the 2nd black screen and stop. First black screen -good. files load - good. Second black screen - screen stays black and blue LED comes on, it almost appears to be 'breathing' fades from medium light to dim light, back and forth. Almost like it is 'thinking'. Partitions(info) seems to be working well. Also scanning folders for a file works well in the Flash ZIP and OTA and also Flash firmware package. Let me know how I can help.

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