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Android 5.0/CM12 Disscusion

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Jan 14, 2012
São Paulo
I apply OTA SOAK TEST in my MOTO E XT1021 and work fine.

I apply Official CM12 and work very, very fine, very good rom, i don't back anymore. :D


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Sep 13, 2014
Good news


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Feb 20, 2015
there is new .36 version available (started in april,the one started in march was 13mb ) did anyone capture it?


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Apr 2, 2015
I've got cm 12 (for 5. 0) on the Moto e and whenever I restart my phone, all my folders disappear, one icon goes from the screen and I am not being able to shift apps to the SD card. Is anyone else having the same issues? Please help?


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Nov 29, 2013
XInternalSD confirmed to cause bootloops on Xposed for 5.1.......Use Obb on SD instead.......Using it now...Works perfect:)

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    Some more progress on Android 5.0!

    Finally, I am bringing in a good news for our device Motorola Moto E!
    I have fixed the kernel and I am now closer to boot lollipop rom though it seems to have some problems!

    I found that kernel was working because I got this:


    Sorry for bad image quality. I don't have a better device at the moment to take a screen shot.
    Sorry guys I couldn't do it yesterday.tonight I'll definitely try tonight.
    Let's not go to war
    The developer I previously spoke of has explicitly asked me not to reveal his identity. He has made good progress and has successfully ported the HAL which was the biggest issue we were facing.
    We now have a kernel that should boot properly. @luvk1412, I understand your concerns about GPL and the source code will be available when the developer releases it. @gurr4m, I might be living under a rock but if I gave you a link to some unofficial version and you bricked your phone, you'd simply blame me. And secondly not everyone has got extra powerful PCs like you probably have, and sometimes time is of essence. Therefore it is slightly more practical to use a vps you've got somewhere. My concerns for memory are only due to the fact that we've got only four gb of storage on the xt1022. We can have a rom without a2sd but you won't have too much of room to put your stuff.
    I am rather confident that we would have cm before Motorola releases the official one (hopefully we would not run into unexpected issues, it doesn't look like we would. )
    Hello guys
    Since I have my preboard exams upcoming,I didn't spend a lot of time for cm12.but after patching up the kernel with about 3commits I was able to make a build successfully. Take a look at the image attached.But this corrupts the system partition.Looking for a workaround
    I'd request @percy_g2 to help me From this point.I'd possibly try to replace cm-12.0-caf branch to cm-12.0.I think we are nearing cm12.

    Edit:I forgot to mention.Thank you @tech_master for providing me with the build box.
    Your are usinf CAF-device??? use another device files and replace media folder with another, for example, from liquith smooth files from github

    Yup buddy.I got that fixed by applying this patch.And now I'm making a clean build.Must build successfully.Crossing fingers.