Android 5.1 bugs


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Oct 4, 2012
Anyone else who has Android 5.1 on their Moto X Pure Edition noticing these bugs?

1. screen glitches
2. Phone app sometimes opens and crashes
2A. Contacts app also sometimes crashes
3. while on wifi, won't load anything over the internet; web pages, app content, etc... or it will be very sluggish(No it is not my internet, have never had problems until I updated to 5.1)


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Nov 10, 2012
First glitch on 5.1 ...When I opened maps yesterday..

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The exact same thing happened to me (only on Maps, didn't notice it on other apps) when I uninstalled the latest version of Play Services and installed the factory version, but when I updated Play Services again the problem went away. As for bugs on the 5.1 update, here's what I've seen so far:

1- GPS icon never disappears from status bar. The only way to get it out is selecting "Battery Saving" in the Location settings. If "High accuracy" is selected the icon stays there forever.
2- Some weird bug with trusted places and Android Device manager, it seems they're conflicting somehow. Trusted places only started to work after I disabled Android Device Manager from device administrators and uninstalled the updated version of Play Services (I updated it afterwards and trusted places seems to be working fine now).
3- When I toggle wifi off, it takes much longer for 3G to connect than it did before.

I'm using the 5.1 leak from the brazilian soak for model XT1097.


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Apr 28, 2012
I did a cache wipe and uninstalled fit. still getting crappy battery life. loosing about 10% per hour with medium use. I used to be still at 45% by the end of the day, now i'm hitting that mid afternoon.
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Mar 12, 2010
San Jose
I had the Google Map graphic bug after an update from the Play Store. I cleared the data in the Google Maps App and it seemed to fix the issue.

I also had an issue with the Trusted Places as well. I removed the places from my list and re-adding them and it seemed to work. I'm at home now and I don't have to unlock with my pattern and today at work it was working just fine.

I have not experienced any of the other bugs mentioned here, though.


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Jun 19, 2009
Villa Park
I still can't use Moto Voice. All it does is default to Google Search. I say Okay Moto X whats up and it does a search on Google search. It has been like this since the soak test to 5.0 that basically bricked my phone because they couldn't update us.