[ANDROID] Android on the TouchPad?

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Jan 28, 2010
+1. Porting Android to the TouchPad would probably make it still worth a couple hundred dollars after the recent announcement of discontinuing it and WebOS
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Oct 3, 2007
Seattle, WA
Why didn't HP port Dalvik to webOS? Didn't RIM do this?


I don't hate android (obviously, see sig) but webOS/Enyo are positively utopian vs developing for android. There's actually lots of tablet-specific webOS apps, I believe at launch 49 days ago they had more apps than Honeycomb (granted very little big name titles).

Instead of putting Android on a touchpad, I'd much rather put webOS (3.x would be fantastic, but no phone was ever released with it) on say an HTC Sensation. That would be killer. Too bad if they even are able to court HTC enough to make devices running wbeOS it'll be a year or so until we actually see the fruits of it.


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Apr 28, 2008
The Touchpad's hardware is awesome. Is there a developer willing to hack android 3.x on the device? I would definitely donate to the project and I'm pretty sure a lot of folks in the PreCentral Forums would do the same. Any takers?:confused:
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Sep 18, 2010
Honeycomb on the HP TouchPad

That's a great idea. I'm sure Best Buy would be interested too -- then they could sell some of their 270,000 TouchPads as Android devices. Would love to see if Android Honeycomb can work on the TouchPad & if anyone can show how to do this.


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Jan 14, 2010
This is especially interesting since they'll be liquidating their stock and selling them for $99 tomorrow.


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Sep 25, 2005
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uses the same cpu - modemless AP8060 - that would be your best bet on rom porting
That's a start but drivers for Android would have to be found for every other part in the HP Touchpad like the WiFi, Bluetooth, display, sd card reader, etc...
May 3, 2011
Great question - so it sounds like it's possible, ie, there's no hardware limitation? It would just be a ton of work?

It's true - they're selling them for 300 bucks off.

HP is going to also try to sell it's PC biz and focus on software...er... their specialty...? Makes you wonder why they bought Palm to begin with if they were just going to destroy the chances for WebOS? And destroy their company while they're at it.


Feb 13, 2011
Very interested to know if this is possible, I'd totally pick up the TouchPad on clearance tomorrow if you can install Android onto it so it can stay up to date.


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Jun 9, 2010
just picked up my tablet tonight, love it! OS isn't too bad but android would be sweet. Yes they will be on sale tomorrow 32gb $149, 16gb $99 ...picked up the 32 gb at $499 plus used a $50gc I had. Going back tomorrow morning to get price difference, at those two prices 149 or 99 you cant go wrong with it. Very nice tablet, and solid basic functions for basic browsing and videos :D
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    Since I've already seen the sort of "free-for-all" comments, can someone tell me why any missing drivers/files from the published touchpad android dump can't be used? Are there legal reasons or technical?

    The dump used a kernel that we do not have. CM are not the types to smack together a bunch of binary blobs. We want to build as much from source as possible. This gives us a much better chance of a smooth transition to Ice Cream Sandwich when Google releases the source.

    Another way to look: With binary blobs there is a ceiling that limits how well we can get the Touchpad to work with future versions of Android. A bunch of binary blobs from a Froyo dump will almost certainly not work with Ice Cream Sandwich much less Gingerbread.

    Putting in the time and work now will improve the Touchpad's Android support for the future.
    [Discussion] CM7 Port on Touchpad

    This is simply a stub to direct you to the discussion at Rootzwiki:

    Majority of my updates will come from twitter @dalingrin or Rootzwiki.

    No ETAs!
    SkzBR said:
    Hello buddies,

    We all know that ETAs doesnt exists, but what we need to do to get it faster? Maybe if developers make a list of what testings steps...?

    What i'm trying to say, is that we need help developers and tries to make it release FASTER helping, and not just blaming the foruns...

    So, i'm waiting for a dev reply with instructions.

    People like you not making posts like this would help for a start :)

    We don't work for you guys, get that straight.
    OK guys, because we really want this to be an open and community effort with full transparency, we are going to be posting our development work over at RootzWiki in addition to here and on our website/wiki. Once we get a stable kernel and port set up, we are probably going to release this as open source and allow people to make ROMs based off of this work.

    Nothing is finalized yet, but anyways: tl;dr Development is going to happen at Rootzwiki and on IRC, updates are going to be everywhere (including here), and we are going to have fun doing it.
    Here's a short video of my progress on dual-booting Android and WebOS.

    NOTE: I haven't successfully gotten Android to run yet.