Question Android app for rear camera with parking lines

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Feb 5, 2009
Hey guys,

Ive got an Joying JY-UQ135N4G headunit with android 10.

As I have no signal cable for the reverse gear detection, I connected my rear camera to AV IN. When connecting the camera to AV IN there is luckily no need to connect the orange signal cable for reverse gear detection.

Unfortunately the screen does not show any parking lines when using the default "aux" app. (The rear camera app can't be used as the camera is connected to AV IN)

Is there any alternative app that I can use to get the parking lines?

Many thanks & Best regards!


Jan 16, 2022
try to look in Dev settings of your unit. Default password is four eights usually.
that not help him becouse with those setings u can add or remowe lines for rear camera input not for av in,solution for him is what he ask about some app who have that line layer in video or he need to do properly wired conection from reverse-light + signal to hernes wire (usualy orange named Back) and change the camera input to hernes where is rear cam video input,if is to complicated for him to conect that wire trough car he can do some hardwire with relay conected to car brake wire and plus 12v trough relay contacts to "BACK" wire on the unit or if he satisfied with tha manual way entering the cam he can use just normal switch from 12v to back wire but in all keyses he need to change video input to rear cam video input