android app to mount iso files?

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May 11, 2009
I would suggest transcoding to another format as .iso will not play on your phone. Try Handbrake which is a great, free program.


Aug 7, 2009
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I doubt it and i can't even begin to imagine why you'd want one! Care to elaborate?

It would be nice to put a downloaded file/film directly on your phone
Or download it from your phone.
.......without having to spend a cupple og hours converting it to an other format.

My computer play iso's directly, why not also my phone?

Around 1/3 of what i download is ISO's........


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Sep 18, 2010
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No, your computer does not "play iso" files. It is likely that it mounts them and plays their content, though.
What Android is missing, in your case, is a way to mount these images. It already comes with many players that will be able to play their content.


Aug 7, 2009
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Well, yes, my computer mounts the iso, then plays the content.........(=my computer plays iso's)

rshemeld point is (and mine) that we would like our phones to do the same........we can always discuss what to call it, in what order stuff is going on, but that's beside the point.
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Oct 26, 2006
Your computer plays the videofiles contained in these cd/dvd Images, so why don't you just copy those from your pc to your phone? Chances are, you don't even have to transcode them... or, since isos are some kind of zipped files, try any unpacker you can find to open them.

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I doubt it and i can't even begin to imagine why you'd want one! Care to elaborate?

Geez... let's name a few others other than the one the originall poster stated...

Using a bootable ISO...

You would be able to boot your computer for oh so many reasons.

1.) Unlocking a locked OS
2.) Running Defrag the way it was meant to be run (w/o the original OS locking files down).
3.) Recovering deleted files/partitions w/o having to pull the drive and use another PC.

Number 4 and prob one of the best reasons...

4.) Try to see an iPhone do that! Just another reason why a Droid no matter what flavor... is still just BETTER!

I would like to use my DroidX with an [email protected] BootDisk ISO (http //www livecd com) so that I don't have to lug around another CD/USB. Plus on some networks USB devices are unauthorized unless they have biometrics. I'd still rather just boot from my phone.


hi is there an android app to mount iso files?

Sure. It is even bundled with Android system.

mount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to/file.iso /mnt/somewhere

Does not work? Well, here is the "small" glitch. Unless

cat /proc/filesystems

returns iso9660 among others, you would better start with recompiling your kernel. :p


May 18, 2011
I was wondering if there are any updates to this topic?

I would love to be able to somehow view the contents of several cdroms I have on my tablet running 3.2. These cds/dvds are interlinked files for example to do sample exams, the program can then check the answers. Another example is a dvd with multiple htmls interlinked with each other. I have tried converting all the files to a linkable pdf but about a third of the links still dont work and some files cannot be found or one has to scroll through the whole document. Any suggestions how I could get something like this into a format that would work on the transformer tablet?
Are there by now any apps which could read an iso file made of the cd/dvds?


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Nov 5, 2009
I've got tons of DVD-ISO's on my home network (QNAP NAS) and it would be really cool to be able to stream those on my SGS2 but I guess that's a no go. Even my old 166Mhz PC could do it since decoding mpeg2-video doesn't need a lot of CPU power.


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Apr 25, 2011
I have used DVD Copy Pro to turn DVDs or ISO files into video files. Also have the option to compress them, so not taking up 4gb of space. Can compress significantly and have played just fine on my android phone. I'm sure there are many other programs that will do the same thing.

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    It won't work directly on an ISO, but if you extract the ISO (which only takes a few minutes and preserves any menus and such), you should be able to use Daroon Player, I believe.

    I've used it on my Xoom without any problems at all. Absolutely love it.

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    Actually, here's a breakdown of what I've done... It's worked well for me, at least...

    1) Root Xoom (free)
    2) Bought a Micro USB Host OTG cable (around $10 after shipping)
    3) Installed "USB Mount All" app (around $2, if I recall correctly)
    4) Installed "Daroon Player" app (free)

    Now I can hook my Xoom up to a portable USB drive (I generally use a 500gb WD My Passport) and access any of the movies I have saved on there. If you have a DVD, you can just copy it to your computer and voila. If you have an ISO, you can use any number of ISO utilities to extract the files and do the same thing. Total cost of around $12...
    Any updates with this topic? :)

    I wouldn't mind paying $10 for a solution to play .iso files on Android. All of my purchased movies are backed up on 3.5 HDD's in .iso format. I don't wanna transcode any of my movies in any way, shape, or form. I don't have a problem ripping to a VIDEO_TS folder and using the method posted above by Mr_Mole, as it seems like a sound solution for now, but from my experience there were always seeking/skip problems when playing from the VIDEO_TS folder. I haven't tried Daroon Player so maybe it wont be an issue.

    What Mr_Mole stated is exactly the way I like it. I usually copy a bunch of my backed up titles over to a portable HDD to connect to my laptop so I can watch movies while I'm away from home. I know I could just re-encode them to avi, mp4, etc, but like I said I really prefer not to re-encode as all of my backups are uncompressed images and I'm the type that likes to have all the menus, special features, commentaries, etc intact. Thanks for the suggestion in this thread guys. Keep them coming...
    A solution that works for me


    I have just bought a Nexus 7 and have been investigating various uses for video etc.

    One thing I wanted to do was to watch .iso videos I had made myself, my solution is

    to use Wondershare Player. Once the .iso file is on my Nexus I can play it and even use menu options to play different chapters.

    btw In my case I copied the .iso from a memory stick that I was accessing via an OTG cable and Nexus Media Importer - but that is for another thread.

    I have no links to either of these apps, just very grateful for their existance.