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Question Android Auto problem

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Hello, very good day.

I have a Mi 11 ultra Global but since I bought it I have not been able to connect it to android auto, it seems to be a problem with the cable or with the usb input of my xiaomi (video attached) but I tried with another device with the same cable and it works , I tried the usb input of my device with miui extended setting app and it shows stable "usb connected".

I tried with the original usb cable, delete data, updates from google and the android auto app.

Does anyone have this problem or something similar that can help me with the solution?

I am currently on the latest beta version of EU ROM


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May 12, 2008
See if these threads might help you:

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See if these threads might help you:

Thanks for your answer, when I made this post I had already read those 2 posts but my last option was to buy another cable.

And that solved the problem! I actually needed a better cable for this phone, I tried with a p30 lite and p40 pro and android auto worked well with my old cable and the xiaomi did not.

Thank you again for your answer and the issue is already resolved, I recommend the ANKER 3.1 gen 2 cable

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