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Development Android Dollhouse (Flashtool) | TESTERS REQUIRED

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Jul 23, 2021


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Jul 1, 2012
Nexus 6
Any ideas on this?

So my phone is picked up under "adb devices" and will adb to bootloader, but says waiting for devices when you fastboot nflashing unlock.


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Jul 1, 2012
Nexus 6

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    Android Dollhouse

    The Definitive Android Flashtool.​

    This is the support thread for Pixel 6 Pro. If you have another device, please check the other threads:
    I'm releasing the first user-facing preview of this tool, which is a convenient wrapper for common ADB/Fastboot controls.
    It already comes preloaded with ADB and Fastboot binaries. There's no need to download anything else.
    For now, this is the first test run, which is Windows only. Mac OS + Linux versions will be released separately depending on how this performs.

    You need this .net runtime to run it: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/thank-you/runtime-desktop-5.0.11-windows-x86-installer

    Full cross-platform compatibility is planned.​

    For now, it is still a work in progress. Please, pixel 6 pro users, I would like your feedback on this tool. Post here a screenshot of your Device info so I can improve compatibility with your device! Make sure to blur/hide your IMEI!

    It includes an auto-updater so you will definitely be getting the latest improved release whenever i make changes.

    Please report any issues you find either here or open an issue on the github repo, thank you!

    Download + Source code : Github
    General Pixel Development Channel : Telegram
    Pixel 6 & 6 Pro Official Chat : Telegram
    Hello. I am working on a certain tool that's currently optimized for pixel devices. Before i make my first release, i thought of waiting for the pixel 6 / 6 pro to come out.

    here's a little preview. currently, there's a private beta build on my telegram free of charge (its an open source project and will be free forever).

    View attachment 5441917

    I am interested in Pixel 6 / 6 Pro owners, that are willing to enable USB debugging and send me some info about their device. This is completely safe for your device, so if anyone is interested, please join the following channel:


    Or, I will be providing support here too. For starters, if you are able, please post the output of adb devices -l.
    A friendly reminder:

    Promoting your TG group is permitted in Xda as long as the Xda thread is supported, and members don't have to visit TG to get updates, or support.

    As a P6P user, I encourage this development and understand the benefits of using TG for ease of communication, freedom of off topic, and individual governance outside of Xda.

    As a member of the moderation staff, I encourage the development and understand the benefits of a TG group, but I also understand the requirement to have the Xda thread fully supported, to include with latest downloads, and not solely be a funnel to the TG groups.

    I'd love to see this project take off and be fully implemented and am hoping this early reminder will allow both the TG group and Xda thread to flourish together without issue :D

    Feel free to PM me with any question, concerns or clarification.

    Once I have my P6P, I'll be a tester if still needed.

    Best of luck with the development!
    Some cool features include: can see install and sideload apks/apps from your computer, create backups, and even stream your phone screen/control it with your mouse and keyboard, etc

    and that's just the basics, it allows you to flash custom roms and unlock the bootloader too, among other things

    BEFORE I CAN MAKE AN OFFICIAL RELEASE, i need to make sure that it works perfectly for pixel 6 owners, and thus i require testers. thank you!
    Updated main thread! Tool is downloadable.