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May 3, 2008
App Links - Because I do 100% of my theming on my device.

Pixel Launcher

- Clock mode automatic
- First day of week - Sunday
- Preferred Music - Google Play Music
- On tap feedback - None
- Seriously detailed Kustom design and code tutorials.



- Because you can make your own template apks for use in screen mock ups.

Hishoot2i Templates

Photo Editor
- Used for mock up arrangement of multiple screenshots, text and effects
- Effects tab has a ton of built in option for photo editing

APK Tool / Zip Signer - See this thread

Historical - Nova Launcher Prime
- Desktop grid 8x6
- Desktop width and height padding set to none
- Desktop persistent search bar set to none
- Dock off
- Look and feel - Show notification bar off
- Look and feel - Hide clock Desktop only (requires root)

Historical - GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys
- I use this with the Nova remove status bar. It allows for very quick removal and return of Nav bar with auto hide option.

Historical - Kustom Icon Plugin
- Allows you to use any icon pack with KLWP.

Historical - ES File Explorer
- For all of your SD card file needs

Historical - Apex Launcher Pro

Historical - Zooper Widget Pro

Historical - ZW Utilities

Historical - Media Utilities

Historical - Tholotis

Historical - Facer

Historical - Perfect Screenshot

Historical - Screener
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Steve Mannix

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Mar 25, 2011
Welcome all to my thread!!

First allow me to give credit to those who have taught me so many things and inspired me to keep creating these themes/widgets.
@Judge Joseph Dredd, @Night OwL, @blackbearblanc, @kwerdenker, @plegdroid, @tower666, @clod007, @twoms, @smooth 123, @Corrado27, @redzebra, @SeriouslyCrazy, @StrangerWeather, and so many others which I am sure I am forgetting. Know that you all are a part of why this is so much fun!!
Congrats on the thread and great list of influencers. Good stuff.
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