Android Launcher, Kodi what to do?

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Aug 28, 2008

I’m a many years user of Kodi on Shield. But now I’m starting to think of going away, if it is possible to almost keep the “same” feel of it.

I use Emby as my “server”, for info.

Is there a way to setup Android TV launcher to act more like Kodi?
This is most important for the movies and series sections.
In Kodi I have menus for Unplayed movies, Wife’s playlist (Emby playlist), new movies, all movies and so on.
Is there a way in the Android launcher to add shortcuts as I do in Kodi for the playlists, and new movies and so on?

I will and can change back to Plex, if this is better for Android Tv launcher and shortcuts, playlists etc.

I really like Kodi, but because of the reason below, I have started the search for other solutions. And Kodi as a launcher would be great, does not look like that is possible without coding an app myself, and doesn't get updates and so on.

I’m using Shield as mentioned over for Kodi and all other streaming apps.
This sort of works well, because there are many possibilities in Kodi for adjustments and so on. But in Android TV on Shield it’s not so good any more. If you use another app like HBO, Kodi almost shuts down all the time. It has to start up again, and that is not a good way to use Kodi, it gives too much waiting time and is annoying.

I think the main problem with this, is that Kodi is not coded to always run in the background, so it always closes. :-(



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Feb 20, 2022
I have Kodi running as my launcher.
I used Adb to side load the Launcher Manager (Android TV version) app from this thread and to also disable the stock launcher on my shield.
this is why I have joined this group!howto ?So far have adb fast boot working,when I ran hide stock launcher It said I or process did not have permission.Could you email me step by step hou you did kodi running as your launcher?please thkscecil