Android Marshmallows 6.0 update for Xperia M4 Aqua

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Jan 17, 2014
Nobody knows, but atleast we expect the update to arrive late spring or before this summer.

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Nov 22, 2011
Android 6 for Xperia Z5 is rolling out in turkey so things are starting to fall in place.... i hope for a release before the end of february


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Oct 10, 2013
Update coming...when.

Hey, today I asked Sony Mobile questions about Marshmallow update. They confirmed update supporting installing Android on MicroSD, but didn't give me any more content information nor release date, they told me to check their Facebook and/or twitter for updates.

"For your problem, there is no release date planned. We also want to inform you that, depending on Android OS, Android 6.0 update will be allowed installing on internal or external storage."
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Feb 9, 2016
Today in Germany a big Android Website said that the Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) informed that there will be a Update for the Xperia M4 Aqua in about two Weeks. They don´t speaks about Android 6 but it´s unusual to announced a small Update so early.
Maybe this will be the Android 6 Update for the M4 Aqua, who is the News


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Nov 20, 2014
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Hello in Germany had received you the putting has in the daytime the E2303 number 26.1. Has 3.111 because I in France I am on this Roma e E2303 number 26.1. Has 3.111 for me your putting has in the daytime will not still be Marshmallows because Sony told us in the course of June for it m4 aqua but I am septic seen the memory of smartphone
See Xperiafirm ' thank you BOLEK_PL '


Jul 30, 2015
I don't Know what samg2 wants to tell us, but the update reported on is 26.1.A.3.111, so: still lollipop. Unbranded phones already have it, the only news is that Telekom branded devices will receive it in ~2 weeks.



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Jan 4, 2015
I don't Know what samg2 wants to tell us, but the update reported on is 26.1.A.3.111, so: still lollipop. Unbranded phones already have it, the only news is that Telekom branded devices will receive it in ~2 weeks.

Translation? Google translate isnt working great for me, but it seems like Telekom is just releasing it. You can use Xperifirm and Xperia Flashtool if you dont want to wait for Telekom to release it.

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    I'm the one who make you happy
    Xperia m4 Marshmallow update arrived ?????????

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    Hi there guys, we has been waiting for so long, so I make this video to cheer we up. Enjoy ....
    Right, I have some news which might explain why the update is delayed so much. I have tried to compile AOSP Marshmallow from the Github sources of tulip(M4 Aqua). I managed to compile it successfully but when I flashed it, the phone rebooted the second it turned on, after doing some research and getting in contact with a Sony official I got told that the bootloader needed to be updated. I also got told that because the M4 Aqua has a Snapdragon 615 (a CPU they never used before) they had to compile the bootloader and the whole operating system (including kernel, all the drivers) so this might explain why it's so delayed. If they finished releasing the Marshmallow update to the Z series in late April let's say, that's when they started working on the update for the rest of the devices, like the C4, M5 and M4. So thinking about this logically, Sony is taking it's time to actually improve the stability and the overall performance of the M4 Aqua, in my opinion it should come this month most certainly. But if we think about this positively, there is a huge chance of us having a full device tree which means that the ROM development will explode, especially that we will have the AOSP and Official Marshmallow sources
    Almost impossible chances of keeping the root from 5.0 to 6.0.1 because of not only the new kernel but the new bootloader. Once marshmallow is launched we need a bit of development on building twrp 3.0.0 or up for the M4 Aqua, I would recommend that everyone looks for tutorials for noobs or professionals and share with each other ideas on how we could port TWRP. As I said earlier, once Marshmallow is launched we will most likely have a fully working device tree which means that the ROM horizons will increase dramatically. The kernel sources have been uploaded on github for the kernel and I am trying in my free time to compile TWRP but I keep on getting errors, I will keep you posted if I succeed
    I'm sorry to be "that guy" but can we keep the complaining to a minimum? Useless banter brings nothing to this thread especially if it has already been said. And anyways Sony said that the update would be at the end of the month so stop saying that the update will never come. They released it once before realizing there was a major bug and pulled the rollout to fix it. Please have some patience and some faith that they will bring the update.