Android OREO Soak Test [ALBUS - 8.0]

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May 18, 2014
Moto Z2 Play Oreo is close to release.
Today, in Brazil, the beta release started.


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Jun 21, 2014
If I purchased Z2 Play last Wednesday and signed up for the Motorola test program I still have a chance to receive it?

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    Moto Z2 Play Oreo is close to release.
    Today, in Brazil, the beta release started.
    Hello everyone,

    Just to tell you that I spoke to a Lenovo internal technician today and I asked him why the security patches were so late. He told me that Meltdown and Spectre delayed a lot the security patches. He also confirmed me that the Oreo update is ready and normally being deployed before the end of March ??
    Come on, guys... The phone has quite fresh security updates already available (Feb 2018) and is working really well.
    Are you buying your phones just to use them or update them all the time ? :D
    What will be next ? A week after we get 8.0 there will be whining "why there is no 8.1" and then a week after 8.1 "why there is no 9 ?"
    We will get what will be given, and that's all. No-one here can change anything so let's just wait patiently.
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    I know, infact we can't try this version yet and we have to wait for stable OTA

    Thank you very much for the information, glad to know that soon you have an update :D