Android Pie update status Huawei P20 Lite (Launched globally)

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Sep 5, 2015
Yep it's the (c106) and the last update was like three months ago (the update that included the gestures) if it was the case, can I update via OTA with another cXXX model?

I don't understand what you meant but if you are saying what i'm thinking then yes, you can change region code (rebrand the phone) and then you can receive more updates if that's what you want. But you'll need to pay for that software which is HCU Client from DC Unlocker Software right now.
But if you meant to just use another model with a different region code then yeah, you can have a bunch of updates depending on the model you chose ;)
I advice you for the C432 model, you get a lot of updates since it's the main retail unit in Europe. Look up in retail stores like amazon or others and you can find those models, unlocked ones are the best.




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Jul 9, 2019

ANE LX3 got 9.1 in Colombia


Hola Amigo buenas tardes, tu telefono es libre o es de algun operador en especial, ? es mio es tigo y no he podido lograr que se actualice.


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Anyone know and to update from Dload microsd, I need to have the bootloader unlocked?

gives me update error


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Feb 13, 2013
If anyone disturbed with the excessive ram usage and management after emui 9, you can try uninstalling emui 9 stock launcher with adb commands and using another launcher. I'm not an experienced dev so kindly look up Google should help.

You will lose your new app drawer and full screen gestures tho. Still I feel like phone responses much better + gestures can be solved with fluid application.


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Aug 21, 2012
Hola Amigo buenas tardes, tu telefono es libre o es de algun operador en especial, ? es mio es tigo y no he podido lograr que se actualice.


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Anyone know and to update from Dload microsd, I need to have the bootloader unlocked?

gives me update error

No te recomiendo actualizar, EMUI 9.1 ha traido lag al sistema, lo pone lento.


Nov 13, 2014
Today I got June Security patch Update. My device is an ANE-LX3(C605) and I'm from Venezuela


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Apr 27, 2018
Still no June security patch for me.
Although I updated to 9.1 with the DLOAD method. It there a chance it broke the OTA updates?

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Apr 3, 2018
Still no June security patch for me.
Although I updated to 9.1 with the DLOAD method. It there a chance it broke the OTA updates?
Same here, will try rolling back with HiSuite and then update it with OTA/HiCare and see if it's there.

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For the people who have already received the June update, do the dark themes work again?

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    Just got (C432E6R1P7) ANE-LX1 216 Mb dual sim Sweden.
    Update with February security patches.
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    Hallo hallo guys :)

    I found something good here which states (I's not clear if this is official info) but it's attached the image ;)

    I actually think Huawei might not do this and ship instead the Pie on the same date as the Huawei p20 and p20 pro, because this is not a common 200, 300 euro phone, it's a 400 mid range phone which to be honest it's a high price for a "medium" range phone. Won't even talk about Sony :D.



    UPDATE: Recent news of November 28 on a chinese source of Huawei tell us that we will be the next phase to test out EMUI 9 Beta after the models which have access to it since Yesterday. Attached image and link to sources.

    UPDATE(As of 10 of December): According to yesterday Weibo(Chinese Twitter) Huawei account we may have finally a date for the EMUI 9 Beta release, according to their image which I could only translate properly with Cambridge online dictionary, after the words "nova 3e" which is our model it says something like "Internal test recruitment expected to be launched in January" which makes sense since there's only number 1 in there :) , that's the best translation I could've find.
    Links: - This one needs a complete page translation but you can do it using chrome automatically.
    Attached image.
    UPDATE (as of 7 of January): Great day to be alive guys :) My sources are always good, as it seems they have opened internal BETA recruitment of EMUI 9 on China for our model Nova 3e(P20 Lite) and also for Huawei Enjoy 9 Plus (yes, it is called like this...XD), just as I predicted to this month and just like they said on the same source Weibo, link:

    Poster is attached, because an image is always better :)

    For now though it is only open on China, but as soon as it gets to europe it should be quite quick ;)

    UPDATE(As of 8 of January): A new blog post reveals the information and confirmation of the Chinese EMUI 9 Beta release:
    Includes the limit of 2000 participants per country and model for the testing.
    UPDATE(As of 21 of January): EMUI 9 Beta is now downloadable in China for who applied for it and new expected stable release dates are available on this source which match my expectations:
    I expect the stable version to hit China on the mid/end of February even though the source says it expects it in March.
    The stable version global rollout would probably be from March to April as it says.
    UPDATE(As of 24 of January): Found out a new news link from Italy which does confirm that within two weeks their Single SIM version of Italy from the TIM carrier will receive the update POGGERS :D
    It's in italian so either use Google Chrome browser for automatic translation or use google for that ;)
    But on the tweet from the TIM carrier they say literally "Hello Mark, within two weeks you will receive the update. See you soon"
    The news link is from January 17, so depending on the carriers of the countries of europe some will receive sooner and others will receive later this month ;) Be patient guys, the force is within us :p

    UPDATE(As of 30 of January): A news post of Japan reveals oficial information on the update of the stable version of EMUI 9 for the SIM-Free version of the japanese model of Huawei P20 Lite and others.
    If you translate the website via Google Chrome and analyse the image that I attached from the news post you can clearly see it will be delivered in May in Japan.
    Image attached.
    UPDATE(As of February 4/12):Android pie BETA released in China!!!!! Please find it on the firmware finder website or app of the chinese models like ANE-AL00. Picture Attached for proof. :D :D :D
    UPDATE(As of 13 of February): Recent sources and quite a lot of them say we will get the stable update in April.
    Here's the official response of Huawei Mobile :D
    “We would like to inform you that our software team has confirmed the compatibility of your device (Huawei P20 Lite) with EMUI 9.0/Android Pie which is under development for optimizing the software according to device specifications and will be releasing it in batches tentatively by mid of Apr’19 along with most awaited feature NVC (Native Video Calling) which is also referred as “ViLTE”.”
    Keep up the hope for the soon update :)
    UPDATE(As of 13 of March): EMUI 9 beta opened recruitment in India, confirmed by @miststudent2011 via his thread today -
    UPDATE(As of 15 of March):A recent firmware in Firmware Finder confirms that Pakistan model ANE-LX2 is receiving BETA builds as well :)
    Proof attached!
    UPDATE(As of 27 of March):Recent firmware appeared on Firmware Finder confirming the beta program will be released to other regions like europe and america (LX1,LX3 models).
    Proof attached!
    UPDATE(As of 29 of March):I've been looking at the official Huawei Club Forum and it seems that they have launched an official stable version of EMUI 9 in China for the chinese models ANE-AL00 and ANE-TL00.
    These are the correct stable versions that Firmware Finder detected on 27 of March:
    ANE-AL00C00E106R1P7B106 (
    ANE-TL00C00E106R1P7B106 (
    Here's the official link (it's in Chinese) -
    Image attached!
    Also thank you for working with me on this dear @JordyCătă!
    UPDATE(As of 1 of April): Recent chinese official posts confirm they are receiving the stable update of EMUI 9. No, it's not an April fools lie :p
    Proofs attached!
    UPDATE(As of 2 of April):A fellow mate @andreamymill from our forum posted a blessing news that in Italy Huawei opened EMUI 9.1 testing with a period from 1-12 of April and 200 participants :D :D :D
    Proof attached!
    Germany is included in testing too confirmed my dear user @broadwaybaby !!! :D Same period as Italy with same participants (200).
    Proof attached!
    UPDATE(As of 3 of April):Added the new Chinese official poster of the stable version of EMUI 9 for the chinese model.
    Image attached!!!
    UPDATE(As of 30 of April):Added chinese official post of a beta version version of EMUI 9.1 for the chinese model.
    Thank you dear @JordiCătă for mentioning the source :)
    This proofs that they are still working on the EMUI 9.1.
    Proof attached!!!
    UPDATE(As of 6 of May): If India wants it EMUI 9 is ready for them as well :)
    It's an official signed dload package from Android Host:
    Source for download:
    UPDATE(As of 10 of May): Stable EMUI 9.1 released in China, proofs began some days after. Should be rolling out for Europe soon.
    Proofs attached!!
    UPDATE(As of 29 of May): Recent news in a Slovenian Official Huawei Forum tells us that there's a delay on the update of EMUI 9.1 for our device in Europe and possibly others regions due to an eRecovery error that they are already fixing. Let's wait a bit more ;)
    "The Technical support has send us a message that the upgrade to Android 9 should be available soon. Currently there is only a problem in the system eRecovery that has put the launch currently "on hold". But they are near fixing the error."
    Thank you for the translation and for the post @luka_bubi :p
    Let's hope they are quick!
    UPDATE(As of 3 of June): Recent signed firmware from June 1 tells us that the stable version has began to Roll out through Europe :)
    And the patience is the key to victory :p
    Proofs attached!
    Congrats to all :)

    UPDATE(As of 18 of june) - I found the thread of most of the region codes of Huawei devices, thank you dear @liboct87 for that :)
    Here's the link for that thread:
    This helps you find the right firmware for you ;)
    Android Pie upgrade plan in Hicare

    I've just spotted this in the official Huawei hicare app don't know if someone's already mentioned it.
    It is working just as laggy as 8.0 IMO which is not bad. I didn't hard reset (yet) because I want to provide feedback to Huawei and maybe send some error reports. I will be doing clean install eventually. Video on bottom.

    Some facts:
    - the update took around 15 minutes, the update screen is different than on 8.0 and the Huawei logo is different as well
    - the system is very laggy after the update, after it's finished it's all good
    - the YouTube app is full screen finally (behind the notch)

    - the sound is much louder (on headphones and speaker)!
    - each app is a little bit animated when you open it or hide it, it's laggy sometimes
    - new task manager / switcher looks nice and works nice too
    - camera seems to look cooler, pictures sharper maybe, night mode pics below, day time pics coming tomorrow
    - screenshots are pretty cool now! you will see when you get it, when you take them you see a miniature and you can swipe to do things to it (upload etc)

    Really small album here (night mode pictures, highest quality possible, created on tripod):

    I will post more tomorrow when I take some more pics and tests.

    Video of the system running (sound off):
    link coming soon, youtube processing
    Since you guys are waiting I can safely say after few days that this build is really stable, I didn't have any major problems except for slower Gallery and Camera. But I got used to it already so it's ok. Still, the touch works different, not worse but different at least on my phone.
    I got the update but the release notes say the same things which I mentioned earlier.

    - I will not be able to use third party launchers (this makes a little bit of sense, they want me to test their products after all)
    - They strongly recommend to uninstall Google Play Services before updating, I mean what?!

    Has anyone from India updated yet? I want to know if it is indeed true or they have just copied and pasted Chinese changelog.

    Edit: No worries. I took the plunge and everything works, including third party launchers and Google Play Services. Yay!

    About phone page :
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