Question Android Recovery - Can't load android system

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Jun 2, 2021
Hi Guys need #help from #experts

So i have a rooted KSA S22+ with android 12 with 4.1 UI

So today i download new Android 13 KSA version and Odin to upgrade from 12 to 13 with my user data

I used BL with BL File - AP with AP File - CP with CP File - CSC with CSC and i pressed Start from Odin it passed

After it was done so now the system is not loading it says Can't load android system either i wipe the data to factory reset which i don't want too please give me a solution that i have my data on the phone.

Thank You would really apricate thanks


Dec 19, 2021
i think CSC also rewrites user data so it got corrupted. usually skip CSC when flashing ROMs. It gives you features based on the location afaik.