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Aug 28, 2010
I have a bit of a strange question - searched but couldn't find any info.

I have an S21 Ultra on Android 11, however I believe this isn't phone-specific and effects older versions of Android as well.

When you want to share something on Android, you click the share button in whatever app or item you're looking to share. A sharing menu appears, and gives suggestions on both apps to share with, and also contacts to share directly with.

My issue is that my main contacts are NEVER suggested.

As an example, I message 2 people multiple times per day using Signal (much more than any other contacts), and every time I want to share anything with them, I get suggestions for various other contacts on Signal, but never the 2 I actually want. I then have to choose Signal, then chose the specific contact(s) to share.

I've attached a screenshot of what I mean.. It shows the menu that appears directly after hitting share. In this case I've picked a photo, clicked share, and on the top line it's suggested 2 x Signal contacts and 2 x Whatsapp contacts. And none of the 4 suggested are regular contacts.

Is there anyway to enforce certain suggestions for sharing?



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