Android UI design patterns for developers


Jan 24, 2011
Hi all!

I've been writing a blog about Android UI Design patterns for a while now. My selfish goal for the blog is to help to improve app quality in the Android market to get better apps to my phone.

I'm also a developer (been one for a long time) and I understand the difficulty to get app design right in one's own private projects and in open source communities. This is where I hope my collection of design patterns could be helpful for developers reading this massively popular forum.

A UI design pattern is a solution to common problem. It is very likely that when you find getting your UI right someone else has already figured out a solution to your problem and in many cases even iterated the solution and improved it.

I have collected UI design patterns for smartphones and tablets separately for now but they should be merged into one list of scalable patterns soon as ICS release will most likely blur the difference between the device types even more.

The blog URL is

I would really love to hear your guys' opinions about how I could best help private and OSS projects to improve their UI quality. What kind of information would be helpful and what not-so-helpful.