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Android Update 1.5?

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Senior Member
I am running a JF build

[email protected] #2

Build number

I got an system update popup this morning, and after pressing more info I get,
"Please install this update from Google. It contains a security fix."

It is 884 kB in size so not much there.

Where can I find the file on the phone to grab and toss up here?
Its not in the SD root like I thought.



Senior Member
Mar 26, 2009
If you installed it you probably don't have root anymore...Do you still have root and did you install it? Also when you go to settings>about. Does it say CRC1 somewhere?


Mar 6, 2009
This is really strange...

I too got the update notification today. Clicking the "more info" button shows:

Android Update 1.5
Downloaded and verified

Yet I have a rooted JF build. Kernel version 2.6.27-00392-g8312baf
Build number CRB43...

It's JF's UK build and I have full root access..

I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be possible for the official Google update here to be verified, unless Google have used the JF private key to sign it. But that's not possible, right? I mean, are they trying to push this to people's phones to remove root access? Is the private key that's used to sign all these releases, generally available?

Maybe it's an oddity caused by something I've done. Eg I was using the Haykuro build before. I then moved to using the JF Updater to install his latest UK version...

I obviously haven't installed this official Google version yet, in case it removes root access!



Senior Member
Feb 18, 2009
Area 51
This gets more interesting as it goes.

I just took a look over at T-Mobile's Forums and found this:

It seems that they renamed CRB43 to CRC1.
"The latest G1 software update includes permissions fixes and other bug fixes"
I assume it will be taking away root, but I find it VERY interesting that they managed to get this to the rooted phones.

I'm looking more into this, and I just emailed a T-Mo rep/friend I know. I'll keep you posted on what she says.


Senior Member
Mar 23, 2009
Same thing

I am getting prompted this morning for a System update, however I have a rooted JF 1.51, CRB43, 1.5 already. It keeps popping up, very annoying, I'm afraid to turn my phone off.


Senior Member
Jul 18, 2007
they are putting this out hard. I do not have root just a stock cupcake g1. And I have gotten this 6 times today after saying install later


Senior Member
Feb 23, 2009
If I'm not mistaken the update is geared towards Dev. phones because I read somewhere that the security update and other small stuff was for App. Developers so if your running a ADP version that is probably why your getting the OTA, I could be wrong though, can someone running a U.S. version or other that is not ADP comfirm this.


Jun 2, 2008
I could be very wrong but I don't think its a T-mobile thing. I just got my g1 yesterday, unlocked. I'm on ATT and kept getting it so I let it update. I haven't rooted yet and hadn't had the phone for more than a couple hours but didn't notice anything different. Hope i just didn't make it harder for me to root the phone.