Another ColorOS Camera Port [Last Update : Version K1&K2] [18/07/15]

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Feb 3, 2015
Andriman's OppoCamera Mod

This is not an update for @BOOTMGR camera. This is my private port of @andriman 's camera mod. It's got a enormous number of customizations and you can read more in detail about them here. Also don't forget to thank him. :)

Again this is my private port so don't bug the other developers about issues with this app.

Issues -
- Doesn't work on cm11 ART.
- The plugins for this app aren't compatible with bootmgr's app. If you wish to revert to his app please use this flashable zip to remove all my plugins and replace them with those which are compatible with his app.
- To make manual focus work please refer to this thread.


Since the last release was really buggy i am uploading two versions this time. Use whichever works well for you. Both have the same features included and major bugfixes. All the plugins are already included in the flashable zip file.

Version K1
- Based on ColorOS Camera version 2.0_3453_150604

Version K2
- Based on ColorOS Camera version 2.0_3438_150603

Also JPEG Quality has been set to 100% in both these apps. (Thanks to @Riichard63)

To avoid all the confusion regarding different plugins from @bootmgr's app i have made a flashable zip which replaces my plugins with those which are compatible with his app -
Use this when you wish to install either his app (Version 2.5) or any older versions of my app (Version-I and below)

Version A :
Initial release

Version B :
Fixed fullscreen as default on cm12 roms (fixes focus issues when enabling onscreen keys and any DPI changes)
Fixed 5 plugin limit (thanks to bootmgr)

Version C :
Disable max brightness and fix video quality issues. (thanks to bootmgr)
Latest changes from andriman's mod v0.20:
- scene modes reduced to fit on the screen
- added focus and exposure menus
- scene settings can now be changed in video mode as well
- continuous focus in video enabled (start recording, select Fixed focus, then select Continous focus)
- Touch-to-track enabled for all video modes except of 4K UHD

Version D:
Changed image and video file name format. Now pictures will save as IMG_yyyyMMdd_HHmmss.
Added options for sharpness and skintone enhancement in settings. (still testing)
Moved focusmode to settings.
Fixed geo-tagging (by bootmgr)
Fixed icons overlapping video tracker while recording. (removed a few options...let me know if u need me to add other options)

Version E:

- Replaced the green arrows and added all the missing icons
- Removed smart scene as it was a little buggy and added intelligent scene to settings
- Fixed timed shots looping
- Disabled focus before recording (fixes blurs at the beginning of the recording)
(I haven't added 'continuous focus in video' from bootmgr's app because its the same as 'Continuous' option in Settings>Focus Mode)
- Added zero shutter lag (experimental)
- Some minor changes to make touch-to-track work properly. It will work during recording too. (tap with two fingers on the screen to activate it)
- Removed sharpness and skintone enhancement since those options require more code to work

Version F :

Rebased to new version V2.0.2393.150306
All latest fixes from bootmgr's app.
- Added option to disable/enable flash when taking blind shots
- Settings can be viewed in landscape mode
- Can take upto 50 burst shots and all the pics will now be saved in a separate folder (DCIM/CShot/<timestamp>)
- Enabled 'v' gesture object tracker. (removed touch-to-track per user request)

Version G -

- Updated to latest official camera app from ColorOS Rom 2.0.50
- New manual exposure feature:
Instructions: Tap anywhere on the screen to focus and wait till you see a yellow sun icon. Then scroll up to increase exposure and scroll down to decrease it.
- Added Video Mode menu

Version H -
- 4k support for cm12/12s roms
- Added Video Quality toggle. Please select 'highest' for best output.

Version I -
- Re-based to camera app from Color OS 2.1 (Lollipop)
- Reduced memory usage (removed a couple of unneeded features)
- Tweaked UI to lessen all the lags
- Latest bugfixes from bootmgr's app
- Few more bugfixes by me

Version J:
- Rebased to latest ColorOS app
- UI tweaked for smoother response
- Added latest changes from andriman's app
- Added a few fixes from bootmgr
- All plugins updated to latest versions.
- Filter plugin preview bug fixed

Download K1 -
K1 Mirror 1 -
K1 Mirror 2 -

Download K2 -
K2 Mirror 1 -
K2 Mirror 2 -

All Versions:

Plugins -

Older Plugins -

Plugins State:

Passerby Mode - Working with all versions before Version J
FilterCamera - Working
AudioCamera - Not Working
Double Exposure - Working
FaceBeautify - Working
GIF Mode- Working
HDRCamera - Working
Mircospur / Magnifier - Working
NightMode - Working
Panorama - Not working
Professional Camera - Working but manual focus is broken (Refer to this page to fix manual focus)
RawPicture - Working
Slow Shutter - Working
Superzoom/HDCamera/Picture Plus - Working
UbiFocus / AfterFocus - Not Working
VoiceBeautify - Not Working

Credits: @BOOTMGR - For the amazing work on the official camera port and also for most of the code i used to port this mod. @andriman - For this amazing mod of the OppoCamera
Color OS Team - For creating such a flexible and user friendly camera app

Note: If u have issues that you can not live with then u can go back to using the original app...this is just a port I made to test out the features included by Andriman and i thought you guy's can have some fun with it too.

This app currently is meant to work only on One Plus One. Other devices aren't supported so please don't report problems if you aren't using an opo

XDA:DevDB Information
ColorOS Mod Port, App for all devices (see above for details)


Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: K1 and K2
Stable Release Date: 2015-03-22

Created 2015-02-18
Last Updated 2015-07-17


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Feb 3, 2015
Its still not installing for me on KitKat. What rom are you on
I haven't tested it on cm11..I just checked and I see that its broken on kitkat..sigh
I'll upload a new version soon..thanks for pointing out..I use slimsaber and didn't expect this to have any problems on kitkat

Edit: it just worked..after it shows the error just try opening the app again
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Jul 11, 2012
I haven't tested it on cm11..I just checked and I see that its broken on kitkat..sigh
I'll upload a new version soon..thanks for pointing out..I use slimsaber and didn't expect this to have any problems on kitkat

Edit: it just worked..after it shows the error just try opening the app again

No, the problem was it doesnt even install

Robot Ross

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Dec 7, 2013
Awesome app!

For those who dislike the app title bar (The one which says "Camera" at the top), You can use the App Settings Xposed module to hide the title bar, and you can also use the Force Immersive Mode module to force the camera into fullscreen!
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Jul 11, 2012
If you have the old camera try uninstalling and installing again..maybe the old camera left a couple of residual files
Or maybe the file you downloaded is corrupt?

Tried that already, cleared data, uninstalled the old version and tried the new version. Its not corrupt because its a full 7 mb file

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