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Question Another Great Rugged Case From CaseBorne by ArmadilloTek

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May 8, 2019
After 2 years with the Vanguard case for my s10 plus, I immediately got A52 case from ArmadilloTek ( They told me they are rebranding to CaseBorne)

This case offers very good protection for the phone itself. I just got a new one for my A52-5G after replacing my old S10Plus phone. The Samsung had this case on it for 2 years and survived a number of drops which resulted in small cracks on the case's corners but no damage to the phone. The new version has an orange EVA foam layer inside the case, now I don't need to worry about the scratches, and I am so sure the foam layer can absorb lots of shocks,

Unlike the Supcase, this case does not have a built-in screen protector, which is so much better.
Come one, those plastic SP is flimsy and makes the case feel cheap. The manufacturer just eliminates the screen protector. I installed a glass SP, now it means protection.

I constantly drop my phone and my 5-year-old daughter is a master at knocking my phone out of my hands as well. All that combined could be a disaster for a phone. I've used Otterbox cases in the past and loved them but when I got my phone the Galaxy A52 5g they didn't make a case for it. It's held up great with multiple drops. I actually just dropped my phone on the concrete about 2 minutes before writing this review lol. It will definitely protect your phone from drops and grabby toddlers

You can get one from Amazon: