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Thread cleaned, please lets keep it on topic and with respect.
Oh man I missed some drama. I LOVE drama.

Also bromite has rolled out. I also took the overlays I use from Fullscreen gestures module because I get tired of volume input for modules.
Immersive navbar hides the small bar at the bottom on apps like Facebook lite.
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Redownload the file and follow step 16 again to get new UI.

Credit: @kingsmanz


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Copy "features.override.xml" to /data/data/ and set permissions like in screenshot.

This enables 100% jpeg quality. Default is 98% so minimal difference. But I use Google photos storage saver. So every little bit counts for quality.


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    These modules are made for personal use. If you have an issue it is likely on your end. It's like running OOS 10.5ish w/ OOS 11/Pixel 4 Pixel 5/9 Pro/server side features via a whole lot of sed. The "thoroughness" of this OP is to minimize the need for back and forth between us. All OOS 11-11.2.* should be supported. Remains to be seen what changes with Color OS based OOS.

    Anxious OOS v502 features:
    (Template - Magisk module installer)

    Android 12.1 Emojis, Blurs, Immersive Navbar, Nova Launcher w/ Google Feed, Pixel 5 features (device personalization services, flags, google phone framework, overlays), Premier Tier, 9 Pro Camera

    Anxious OOS Companion v346 features:
    (Template - MMT-Ex 1.6)

    Anxious Kernel Script - Infinite Pills, Infinite Alcohol | Gboard - Faster Voice Typing, Google Lens, M2 (telescoping gif, tenor autocomplete, trending search), No Spacebar Branding, Ogg Opus Encoder, Pill Shape, Pixel Props, SODA, Tenor V2 * Languages (autocomplete, trending term, suggested search term), Tflite (emoji predicition, main word predicition, triggering model), Translate Dictation | Google Duo - In Call Effects w/o FPS Cap, Message Captions, Opus FEC, Outgoing Call Camera Switch, Restrict Low Bandwidth Logging, Video Processing-Sink, VP9 Hardware, 720p (for most things) | Google Phone - Duo Handover, STIR/SHAKEN (carrier/os support required), VVM (all carriers) | Google Photos - Cache Aware Video, Jpeg Backup Quality 100%, New Video Editor Backend/Frontend w/ Export Frame

    True Silent v2 features:
    (Template - MMT-Ex 1.6)

    Silent .ogg file for notifications. Useful for apps like Facebook Messenger that don't respect notification channels properly. Seperate module so less reselecting when debugging anxious module. Also doesn't need to be uninstalled with OTAs.

    Verizon Plus Ultra v16 features:
    (Template - MMT-Ex 1.6)

    Fixes for using Verizon on the 7 Pro.​

    All feature lists are constantly changing. Not everything is listed. Because sometimes the modules put you front in line for a/b server testing of literally anything Google.

    The embedded links for some features are just links to what I consider to be a good enough explainaiton of the feature.

    Google is your friend, I am not.

    Basically none. This is made for my personal use. If you don't follow the instructions, you'll probably end up in a non-boot/bootloop.

    What I'm Using:
    Kernel - Kirisakura 1.3.9 R
    Magisk - Stable
    Rom - (7 Pro)

    Do not use Open Beta/AOSP/LOS/etc... with my modules.

    There are no special instructions for updating, unless stated otherwise in a release post. The below install instructions are not meant to be followed for updating.


    You need "Busybox for Android NDK" and I strongly recommend "Cross Compiled Binaries" with sed installed to /system/bin. They are on the magisk module repo.

    How to install:
    Read entire OP. Reread entire OP. Do it again.
    2. Install "Overlay Mount Fix". Skip to next step, if it fails to install.
    3. Uninstall Google Framework/Phone, and/or Nova Companion apk, if any/all are installed. Go to the Play Store listing for Device Personalization Services and click uninstall, if it's available. Reboot, if you uninstalled any modules. There are probably other modules you should uninstall. But that's your problem, not mine.
    4. Install "AnxiousOOS_v*.zip". (Magisk Manager only)
    5. Reboot.
    6. Install Google Phone as user app, you can use apk from companion module, from apkmirror, or clear Play Store data and then it should be offered by the play store.
    7. Clear Play Store data if you didn't in step 6. Then update apps that now have an update in the Play Store.
    8. Set up Device Personalization Services, Google Phone, i.e. grant all permissions (including "Draw over other apps" and "Modify system settings"), set as default phone app, spam app (search "spam" in settings), open app and set up available features. Don't forget to check all Settings>Apps and notifications>Special app access and check all of them for the aforementioned apps + Google apps (hit overflow menu and show system).
    9. Install "AnxiousOOSCompanion_v*.zip". (Magisk Manager only)
    10. Reboot.
    11. Clear Play Store data
    12. You profit.
    13. Donate.
    14. I profit.
    15. Install Verizon specific module. Reboot. Reset APN defaults (search "sim" in settings, 1st suggestion>sim 1>access point names>overflow menu), if using Verizon module.
    16. Call Screen/Hold For Me.
    17. 100% jpeg quality.

    Download(s) faq:
    Q: Can you provide a mirror?
    A: No.
    Q: Why?
    A: Mega is very mobile friendly and collects no metrics, I can't even track the number of downloads!

    Will be available on each release post. I will not compile a changelog in one post.

    Don't use anything older than the latest stable magisk.

    You should check "Settings>
    Security & lock screen>Google Play system update" for an update. My modules might enable being on the latest. Might not.

    If any app is reported as unsupported in the Play Store then clear the Play Store's data. It should work after that but a reboot might be needed sometimes.

    Google has the ability to break pretty much anything with server side updates.

    Clean installs of roms will probably have better outcomes, if it didn't work.

    The app that live caption exists in, is called "Device Personalization Services". If it's not available you need to manually enable the service. I recommend this app manager. While you're at it you should enable all activities, providers, receivers, services. I also suggest using App Ops and Shizuku (required for App Ops functionality). All the linked apps also make debugging/troubleshooting easier.

    You should read the Magisk documentation and MMT-Ex wiki.
    I'm cancer free and probably getting a pixel 6 pro. So development may stop soon.
    Once I have time to look through new OnePlus 8 Pro developer preview I'll make download live again.

    Guess who's back....back again.
    Modules work on
    Starting to host more OnePlus apps on mega. It'll be most of the non stock OnePlus/not fully rolled out OnePlus apps I'm using.

    Also will pick apart the new R release for the OnePlus 8 Pro tonight or tomorrow.