Any fix for overheating?

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Oct 26, 2018
Downgraded device to nougat but still when temp reaches ~53-5c phone starts laging,apps crashing,android buging and even restarts. How other ppl get around this problem, is there a way to somehow downclock? I was so disapointed with customer service, after writing them in advance matter,everything concise, they replied me in my native language(WTF?) using very bad translator, i laughed at what i see. Answer was something like: try to resrart phone, recharge battery and similar generic bullshit answer. Maybe im crazy but i think respond come from AI and not real person, it was so unnatural. Good bye sony for me, ex happy user with long list of sony smartphones. I imagine getting new xperia 1 or so, with 0 support and with bugs..


New member
Aug 16, 2022
the heat is comming from the chip insiddee the machine, it is overheating. Leave it in a couple of days and come back to it