Any fix for SMS/contacts database issue?

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Sep 23, 2010
First off, I'd like to thank whoever takes the time to read and put any thought into this. Next, the reason I absolutely do not want to do anything that is going to erase/lose my SMS history; I'm an auto mechanic, and there is far too much various information on customers' vehicles, repair history and such...losing it all would be a huge setback. If I have to do something like a factory reset, I'm going to have to spend too many hours to even think about, manually going through 4 years of text messages to record everything. I tried a couple of options to backup said history, and nothing came up with even 100 messages to backup.

On to the problem... When SMS is received from person A, it shows up in a random, different person's(person B) thread. I then need to check the contact info to the left of the message to see who person A is, then back out, go to to person A's thread and respond there. If I respond in the thread that it's delivered to, person B gets the response. Any messages in the thread prior to this starting shows the proper contact, person B. Looking at message details, it shows the correct # in the 'From' section, but for 'To', it shows my number and the number for person B as if it was sent as a group text. This however is not the case...the message only comes to me.

I have tried deleting and reentering contacts, doing the same while the involved threads are archived, visaversa...and I haven't found any solutions. I'm very hesitant to even do a simple restart, as a couple of instances like mine that I've read, all SMS history vanished after rebooting. Any thoughts, ideas, or help of any kind would be amazing...and once again, thanks for taking the time.

Edit:The phone in question is a Moto G7 Optimo Maxx(XT1955DL) running stock Android 9, in case this info helps/makes a difference.
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