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Question Any good roms for the a12?

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Sam Nakamura

Retired Forum Moderator
At this point stock is probably the best choice... maybe it's worth checking out magisk support as first step (externally patching boot) BUT think if all necessary precautions before doing anything and do necessary research, backup and take you time...
Rule of thumb is better invest bevor and fixing afterwards, or just check out the forums from time and hope that anyone else cones up with something.

Patience is key here...

Never forget Samsung came a long way the last 5 year's in device support and optimization, it's really not bad at all imo!


Senior Member
Thanks for your reply.
I know what i'm doing. I have moded many other phones with much better scores. Yes samsung came a long way and has done optimizations to the stock rom, but getting rid of google is the whole point. I can delete it from the stock rom with root premisions, but i't may brick more stuff like it did last time to me.
I could just wait for someone to make a custom rom for the a12, but only time will tell.

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    Hello. I recently got my hands on the samsung galaxy a12 and i would like to try out some custom roms but I'm struggling a bit to find them for my model. Which is:
    Samsung galaxy a12 SM-125F/DSN