any news on root?

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Dec 22, 2014
When I had my sm-g870a we had a locked bootloader but still had root and custom roms with themes, just couldn't run a custom kernel. Hopefully the US snapdragon can do the same but would like a custom kernel too.

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Jul 11, 2011
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Nov 25, 2013
For the HK s10 Snapdragon can be easily unlocked and I just hope magisk can work for that varient.

I read that Magisk needs its own bootloader to work. I think that it probably will need porting to work on Snapdragon.

When I had my sm-g870a we had a locked bootloader but still had root and custom roms with themes, just couldn't run a custom kernel. Hopefully the US snapdragon can do the same but would like a custom kernel too.

It seems like Magisk has a bootloader specific to the S10 in order for it to work well. So you need to be able to install a custom bootloader to install Magisk. I doubt it will work on the US variant, at least for now.


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Nov 25, 2013
Is it going to be possible to root the Snapdragon variants then?!?! I am reading the thread backwards, crap!

I don't want to kill my phone but I need some new things to play with and rooting sounds fun.

The ones with the bootloader unlocked, yes. But Magisk is coming for Exynos for now. I don't know if the US variants will be rootable. Most likely not.

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    Okay, so I'm posting this to confirm: the bootloader on SM-G9750 is absolutely unlockable. I just did it. Huge thanks to @warking for pointing out the need for the USB drivers. Here were the steps (before taking those steps, make sure to back everything up):

    1. Go to Settings/About phone/Software information, and tap on build number until developer mode is activated
    2. Go to Settings, scroll all the way down to Developer options, and toggle OEM unlocking. It will issue a warning telling you security features might not work. If you want to keep going, then unlock it anyway.
    3. Still in developer mode, activate USB debugging.
    4. On a Windows PC, install Samsung's Android USB driver for Windows. You can download it from this official link:
    5. Next you have to reboot in download mode. In order to do that, shut your phone down and boot again holding volume down, Bixby and power keys. Make sure your phone is connected to your computer through USB. Here's a note: the first time I tried to boot to download mode, it didn't work, it just booted normally. I needed to fist boot to recovery and then use the option to reboot to bootloader in order to be able to directly boot to download mode afterwards. If that is your case, you boot to recovery by shutting down your phone and then powering it up holding power, Bixby and volume up keys. Alternatively, you can use USB debugging to make your phone reboot to recovery through the command "adb reboot recovery" from the SDK Platform Tools. Also note that for me, I only got to "proper" download mode from using the keys to power my phone up. It wouldn't go to proper download mode if I went from recovery or from adb command. And your phone has to be connected to your computer when you do it.
    6. If you entered proper download mode, you will see a screen with a big "WARNING" about installing custom OSes. You have three options. Click volume up once to continue to regular download mode. Click and hold the volume up key to unlock your bootloader. And click volume down to cancel and restart. Obviously, you'll want to long press the volume up key.
    7. Once you do that, and other screen pops up asking you if you really want to unlock the bootloader, saying that it will wipe your personal data. From what I read, it's not supposed to wipe out SD cards, but I didn't take a chance and pulled mine out before going through the process. If you're okay with that, press volume up. Your phone will reboot, and a black screen I failed to photograph will pop up saying that your system is insecure (or something like that) and needs to wipe your data. It says to press the power key to continue. If you don't press the key, it will reboot again anyway and wipe your data on its own, so you don't really have anything to do from there on. It's simply going to be like a factory reset.
    8. If you go to Settings/Developer options, your OEM unlocking option should be greyed out, and underneath it should be written "Bootloader already unlocked".

    That's it. Your Snapdragon S10 series phone now has an unlocked bootloader. It probably looks much the same as for the Exynos variant, but it goes to show that SM-G9750 (Hong Kong and Chinese) models can have their bootloaders unlocked. I do think that depending on the amount of development you need, SM-G97x0 are excellent models to get, and I hope that more people will get them and work on them.

    Note: Some other sites say you need to toggle OEM unlocking in developer mode, then remove your Samsung account, then install CROM and use it to unlock your bootloader. This does not work. Don't waste your time with it. Also, certain sites report that Samsung has a security feature that makes it so that people have to wait one week before being able to unlock their bootloader after having toggled OEM unlocking. This was not my case, but it could be the case for others. I don't know at this point. But keep that in mind.
    Can someone please gove me reason why root is still so important?

    Tasker with full functionality
    Titanium Backup
    Call recording in case Google disables it again
    Dual SIM+MicroSD functionality
    True adblock
    Nandroid Backup
    Dude. It's. A. Phone.


    Man, these marketing departments are amazing, convincing people that a phone is a way of life. :)

    You are wrong.

    It's a tool.

    It is more than that. It's an enormous set of tools.

    When my wife and mother got cancer (at the same time unbelievably) and I had to act as quick and as organized as possible, I realized that this isn't just a phone.

    Having the tools to:
    Record calls and later on listen at any time to complicated instructions at length
    Buy plain tickets on the move
    Scan documents and make them into pdf files
    Send these documents
    Carry with you all the MRI and other scans in your phone memory and have them handy if /when needed
    Ability to put them on USB sticks
    View every lab result immediately in your screen
    File and keep them in order
    Record conversations in the doctors offices with lengthy instructions and names of medications and procedures
    Make and keep with you hotel reservations
    Manage/make bank and credit card payments, history, track of things all on the go and remotely from everywhere in the world
    Keeping up with the business over my email accounts at the same time
    Viewing and editing documents and spreadsheets
    Seeing my children on Skype when in a hospital in the other end of the world and letting them see their mom
    Do you want me to go on?

    I'm NEVER going to use unrooted device.

    Because root not only gives you some of these options which aren't possible without it

    It helps you use your phone quicker, with more precise setup and additional tools and automation like for instance GMD Gesture Control or Tasker, or titanium backup, which help me do things perhaps 10 times faster than the average user of the same device.

    Please, understand that there are people who depend and count on these "tool sets", which are a great product OF and FOR evolution.
    from what I've read you're already stuck before flashing the file in Odin on Qualcomm devices.
    Well the US snap yes, you can't unlock bootloader. For HK snap at least for me I was able to flash the file in Odin just fine, I just couldn't boot to recovery to finish, so I just flashed back to OG
    It's an entire phone culture of root kiddies out there convinced that a few tweaks with root are necessary.

    Yeah, that's what I am getting out of this...

    Several years back when Android was still new, the manufacturers didn't know what to do with it and it was a mess, and Root was often the only way to get the phone sorted and working as it should have worked out of the box.

    Hasn't been that way for... half a decade? Now it's just a couple nerds that either suffer from OCD and just HAVE to have a given font or color on their LTE logo... because that really makes for a better phone... LOL

    Or they just want to brag to the 0.001% of users who still care about root...

    I can't think of a single thing that I need, that most new phones don't do out of the box...

    Themes? Check.
    Icon packs? Check.
    Wifi tethering? Check
    Launchers? Check

    You know every conversation with them is, "Yeah man, I rooted and hacked my phone and made it MY way, it is just sooo much better than anything out there"...

    Meanwhile, it's a stupid phone, not a lifestyle. You call people. You text them. You check email, order a pizza, listen to music and watch Netflix... Those guys spend more time messing with the phone than they do USING it. I keep asking people what they actually need Root to accomplish, and nobody has really been able to answer that... haha