Any one tried Bromite System WebView?

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Jan 27, 2012
I have rooted Poco X2 with magisk and wanted to use Bromite System Webview to have a clean webview kit rather than Googles webview. I used Magisk modules Bromite System Webview and installed it successfully, however, I started to feel phone itself is laggy or the pages are loading slower, apps are loading slower.

I would like to know if there are any steps I am missing after installing this module, like do I need to uninstall or disable google webview manually? Or this is how it behaves on Poco X2 or MIUI 11 currently on stock ROM (rooted though)

PS. I disabed google system webview from titanium backup which did not help too, rather apps like Amazon shopping did not even open.

EDIT: Changed developer options setting to select the webview implementation to Bromite, Amazon shopping still crashes. As of now removed this module and checking magisk module for bromite thread here on XDA for any solutions.
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May 1, 2018
When inside an app i open an webpage it opens inside the app, but i don't get the option to open it inside chrome. There's no 3 dots available to switch to chrome. How do i fix this ?


Mar 10, 2009
try install bromite webview apk first.. which will appear to fail.. then install magisk bromite module.. then install the apk again... which will succeed. then check its selected in dev options. should be all good then.


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Jun 5, 2019
Fort Smith, Arkansas, US
I tried using this webview by installing through Magisk on my Moto g7 but it didn't change a thing ..and I did follow the directions to a T. So I gave up with hopes that a system webview exists that can block annoying ads (which are probably worse than they've ever been these days), and I installed AdAway apk, since my Moto is rooted. All ads instantly gone. I'm using it on a trip basis to monitor battery and data usage but so far it works great. Be careful with Magisk modules they don't seem to be regulated by admins or anything and I've had to do restores multiple times after installing mods that are supposedly compatible...(especially pixelify, Moto g7 does not get along with that one neither.) Just do a Google search for ad away apk, I got it from GitHub I believe. Best of luck!


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Dec 30, 2013
on my poco M3 with MIUI.EU 12, this modules cause longer booting time which might tooks 5 mins to load !

not really worth it, if you want to remove ads then just use apps such as adaway, it works