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Any resources to make Xposed work on One Plus One?

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Portgas D. Ace

Recognized Contributor
Jun 12, 2014
Bergisches Land
I have a new phone One Plus One with me. I don't have any custom ROM in it. Neither do I have it rooted. Is there any online tutorial on how to get Xposed working on this phone?

Without root - no Xposed for you. Furthermore I would suggest to check the OnePlus One sub-thread here on XDA, there is a high chance that this topic has already been covered.


Senior Member
Dec 28, 2010
You'll absolutely have to root. There's no way around it. Depending on the modules, you can maybe unroot after, but you'll definately need to be unlocked and have a custom recovery, and would not accept any OTA updates after you install it. I am running xposed on my 1+1 right now with slimrom and AK kernel.